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When people begin searching for a rehabilitation center for themselves or for a loved one, they may worry that a glamorous beach rehab will be too expensive or won’t provide the comprehensive, customized care that successful addiction treatment requires. But the surprising truth of the matter is that there are plenty of cost-effective, high-quality rehab programs available that can include time on a sandy shore, and being on a beach genuinely aids recovery. Accredited programs and professional staff are still important, but their benefits can be amplified with a little sunshine and sand. We invite you to kick off your shoes, pack up your shades, and explore the benefits the beach has to offer.

Health Benefits of Healing on the Beach

Rehab center programs are frequently portrayed in the media as taking place in starkly lit rooms or in a circle of cafeteria chairs, but the truth is much more relaxing. In fact, it can even take place on soft, white sand. In and around Tampa, rehab on the beach is not an unusual concept. It’s a well-documented fact that natural sunlight helps combat the effects of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and generally improves mood. Sunlight can even lessen the symptoms of depression, one of the most common concurrent disorders for those with drug or alcohol addictions.

Spending time outside, whether walking or biking, is also a good way to integrate more exercise into a daily routine. Exercise, another mood-booster, encourages better health and a greater sense of happiness. It’s also been suggested that natural light and air help reduce the pain and stress associated with healing from physical injuries, which may be of benefit to patients who are working through the early stages of a medically supervised detox. These are just a few of the small but powerful changes that a beach rehab can provide.

What Should I Expect From a Beach Rehab Center?

A recovery center located on or near a beach will frequently feature a more relaxed atmosphere. Physical activities may include playing volleyball with other patients or swimming in a pool. Some facilities may offer alternative treatment programs that can include morning yoga, art therapy, or exercise therapy on the beach. It’s a safe bet to expect a breezy, tranquil environment, but make no mistake: Rehab requires work and dedication, and while a beach setting can make parts of it feel like a vacation, the emphasis on healing and staying sober will always be first and foremost.

Before You Pack for the Beach: Rehab Center Must-Haves

When you leave for rehab, don’t focus on what you’re bringing as much as on what the rehab offers. The nicest, most up-to-date rehab is worthless without a dedication to the patients it cares for.

Make sure that your rehab offers a program that’s best suited to your individual needs and that the program is run by well-trained, board-certified staff. At our drug rehab Tampa center, for example, our full-time staff includes doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, and counselors, all with the proper credentials and a passion for helping others. The facility you choose should be clean and secure, and the staff should be ready and able to facilitate your enrollment with as little stress and confusion as possible. If you have any questions about what your program includes or what the facility can do, be sure to ask before you sign up.

Find the Ideal Environment for Your Recovery

At WhiteSands Treatment Center, rehab on the beach can be incorporated into our individualized treatment programs. With plenty of sandy relaxation areas and a beautiful, in-ground turquoise pool, our patients enjoy the best of beach living without ever having to leave a safe, controlled setting. For more information on our facility and our treatment programs, fill out our form here or call our 24-hour rehab center in Tampa phone line to speak with an addiction care specialist. We’d be glad to give you a free clinical assessment to see which of our programs would be the best match for you.