There are many ways to approach drug rehabilitation, each with their own benefits. Non-12-step rehab programs are a popular choice for those seeking recovery. Instead of focusing on steps that clients would need to work through, the emphasis is placed on the individual and is guided by their specific needs and preferences. There are several reasons why non-12-step recovery programs are an effective choice for many.

One of the biggest downfalls of a 12-step program is that it doesn’t take into consideration the individuals who are struggling with more than just addiction. There are many people seeking out help who are also struggling with other disorders. In some cases, these disorders can be the original cause of the addiction or something that makes the addiction more difficult to overcome. When it comes to drug rehab, non-12-step methods make it possible to investigate and treat clients with a dual diagnosis, taking this into consideration while offering an individualized pathway to addiction recovery.

Outside of other disorders that may correlate with addiction, there are underlying issues that many addicts need to address as they work toward sobriety, from emotional or physical trauma in the past to relationships that are causing more harm than good. These issues can complicate treatment for substance abuse, alcoholism, and drug addiction. This is a big reason why family therapy is an important part of our rehab. Non-12-step methods make it possible for us to focus on these issues, not just looking into the past but also offering help for the future.

Our non-12-step programs don’t require that you subscribe to any specific beliefs or higher powers. When you are in the midst of struggling with addiction, our goal is to offer simple, personalized addiction recovery solutions that can be incorporated into your life without altering your belief system or leaning on specific ideologies.

Is non-12-step recovery possible? Is there a way to avoid the 12 steps and still reach the goal of recovery? Different methods of treatment work for different people, and with the help of a non-12-step rehab, participants are able to feel comfortable and confident in their surroundings and their programs. They don’t need to worry that co-occurring issues may be overlooked, and they don’t need to feel pressure to become part of a group in order to be a part of our facility.

WhiteSands Treatment Center understands just how important it is to get the right care for your addiction concerns. Our rehab programs include highly qualified medical staff and multiple addiction treatment options offered with the client’s unique needs and preferences in mind. WhiteSands offers the customized care and assistance that you need based on what is best for you: We take your specific situation into consideration when creating a plan that will lead you though to recovery. We also offer traditional methods like individual counseling and group therapy, allowing you to create a support system within the program. If you need personalized attention, we have the resources to help you achieve a successful outcome. Call us to learn more about our accredited facility and the cost-effective options available to you, or fill out the form to learn more about private addiction care that can offer you hope for the future.