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Have you ever wondered how illegal drugs make their way into the hands of users? Drug trafficking is the process of moving illicit substances to locations with demand. Some estimates suggest that Americans spent around $1 trillion dollars on illegal drugs in the past decade, and as drugs pour into the United States, the need for accredited rehab facilities continues to rise.

Drug trafficking statistics show that six major drugs are problematic within the United States. In 2015, these drugs were responsible for more than 96% of the drug trafficking offenses:

  • Meth (31.5%)
  • Powder cocaine (20.5%)
  • Marijuana (17.1%)
  • Crack cocaine (9.5%)
  • Heroin (13.3 %)
  • Oxycodone (4.2%)

Where are these drugs coming from? According to United States Sentencing Commission, five districts within the U.S. have the highest levels of drug trafficking offenders:

  • Western Texas
  • Arizona
  • Southern California
  • Southern Texas
  • Southern New York

Initiatives like the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) program aim to shine a light on these areas and provide additional support to help decrease the amount of trafficking that takes place.

When you hear drug trafficking facts, it’s easy to assume that substances are being brought in by plane or boat or even with individuals on foot. But today’s technology has made it even easier to get drugs using the Internet. While the estimate of $12 million to $21 million a month in revenue coming from online drug trafficking sounds like a lot, it pales in comparison to more traditional methods. However, there is still concern about the future of this drug trafficking opportunity.

Who is involved in drug trafficking? A large majority of those involved in drug trafficking are male. A little more than 48% are Hispanic, and the average age of an offender is 35. It’s interesting to note that a majority of these individuals have had either little or no previous history within the criminal justice system.

Trafficking is not without consequences. The Drug Enforcement Agency details the federal penalties based on the classification of the drug as well as the number of offenses. The average sentence for drug trafficking is 66 months in prison. But despite the risks, drugs are still being brought into and distributed throughout the United States.

While many drug trafficking statistics show the number of drugs entering the country and details about the people consuming them, there is a whole other side to trafficking that is often overlooked. Violence, health care costs, and cost of incarceration continue to add to the epidemic. Locations focusing on drug rehabilitation are filled with individuals who have found substances easy to get a hold of, making addition the next logical step.

Looking at drug trafficking facts is a sobering experience, especially for those participating in them in any way. It seems that drugs are openly available, even with consequences including incarceration, bodily harm, and financial ruin. If you’re involved with illegal drugs, it’s time to take a closer look at your options for getting help and breaking free from a system that leaves you with no options for a healthy and happy life.

With a constant supply of drugs around, it’s even more difficult to fight addiction on your own. You need a high-quality, personalized treatment center in the United States to take on your situation and lead you down the path toward recovery. Whether you’ve been a player in the trafficking industry or you are just someone who has benefited from its role, we can work with you through medically assisted detox, therapy, and education to help you create healthy lifestyle habits.

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