Find Help for Spouses of Alcoholics in Tampa, FL: Let Us Connect You With Tampa Support Groups and Customized Treatment Plans

For every individual caught in the cycle of addiction, there is someone who cares about them watching from the sidelines and desperately wondering how they can help. Spouses get to see aspects of each other that no one else knows about, and when one of them is an alcoholic, these moments can be heart-wrenching. Alcoholics act in ways that their sober selves would never dream of, and it’s frequently the spouses who bear the brunt of any intentional or accidental injury. The lifestyle introduced by addiction does not have to become your new normal. There are many Tampa support groups for spouses of alcoholics, and joining one of these groups can help ease feelings of worry and loneliness that may arise during a spouse’s recovery.

Recognizing and Accepting the Problem

If your spouse consumes alcohol outside of social functions and displays a steady increase in the quantity of alcohol consumed, it may be time to evaluate whether or not they have a problem. Many alcoholics are unable to keep up with familial or work responsibilities and may start drinking in secret to avoid discussion of their habit. In the absence of alcohol, they may begin to experience symptoms of withdrawal, which can include feelings of anxiety, depression, uncontrollable sweating, and shakiness. They may vehemently deny that they have a problem, even as addiction chips away at their personality and relationships with family and friends.

There’s no easy way to come to terms with the fact that someone you love has a problem with alcohol. We desperately want to defend those we care about, and it may be tempting to excuse problematic behavior as “just a one-time thing” or “a bad day.” However, if your spouse genuinely suffers from alcoholism, the cost of letting it progress could be a lifetime of emotional strain for you both or early death for the alcoholic. Confronting the issue can be difficult, but it is the first step toward recovery. Remember that you are not to blame for their drinking and that while you can certainly encourage them as they heal, you must also take care of yourself and any dependents you and your spouse may have.

Benefits of Tampa Support Groups for Spouses of Alcoholics

Regardless of whether your spouse is currently in treatment for their alcoholism or they have yet to enroll in a program, it is vitally important that you look after your own physical and emotional well-being. Even after a spouse completes rehab, there are aftershocks of the transition that can be hard to navigate, but plenty of programs, both nationally organized and locally based, are available to provide help for spouses of alcoholics in Tampa, FL. It’s natural to feel apprehension at the thought of going to a meeting, much less divulging painful family secrets to a group of relative strangers. However, many individuals find that this exchange of experiences helps them gain greater clarity about their own life at home. These peer groups are also sources of valuable information and education, such as coping strategies for dealing with an alcoholic spouse, where to obtain professional counseling, and trusted, cost-effective options for rehabilitation.

Individualized Help for Spouses of Alcoholics in Tampa, FL

If you’re not ready to join a peer group, you still have options to find support on your own. For example, at Tampa Drug Treatment Center, we have a 24/7 phone line you can use to speak privately with an addiction counselor. We also offer guides on how to stage an intervention and educational resources on what treatment for alcohol abuse includes. Don’t resign yourself to living with the daily struggle of addiction. Call today or fill out our form here and reclaim the life you deserve.