Frightening But True: Crack Facts | Learn About the Effects of Crack and How to Halt This Addiction

Few drugs have gained such an infamous reputation as cocaine, particularly in the form of crack. Facts suggest that this substance is one of the most addictive, but for many individuals, the true nature of cocaine lies buried beneath myths and hearsay. Cocaine has the ability to not only seize control of an individual’s priorities but also to alter their behavior in aggressive and unexpected ways, destroying relationships and quickly chipping away at a healthy future.

Fast Facts About Crack Cocaine

  • “Crack cocaine” refers to cocaine that has been transformed with either baking soda or ammonia from a powder into a rock-like structure.
  • Cocaine is an alkaloid stimulant.
  • Crack cocaine is the most dangerous form of cocaine, as smoking allows the drug to act in the quickest possible manner.
  • Cocaine is derived from the coca plant, traditionally found in the Andes Mountains. The indigenous peoples of South America chewed coca leaves in order to obtain the effects of the stimulant.
  • Cocaine encourages the production of excess dopamine in the brain, the neurochemical responsible for feelings of pleasure.
  • Cocaine vaporizes at 194 degrees Fahrenheit.

Interesting Facts About Crack

Make no mistake: As interesting as these facts may be, they represent a real and frightening danger. Many individuals who use cocaine begin the habit as teenagers or young adults and the rapid effects of smoked crack make it both more desirable and more dangerous for the user.

  • Crack cocaine was introduced to the public in 1985.
  • Cocaine was once one of the ingredients in Coca-Cola.
  • Even one instance of using crack cocaine can result in sudden death.
  • It only takes a few instances of using cocaine to develop an addiction.
  • When crack cocaine is smoked, it takes only around 10 seconds for the user to experience a high.
  • Teenagers who use gateway drugs like marijuana and tobacco are up to 266 times more likely to eventually use cocaine than their peers.
  • One of the little-known facts about crack is that use increases the risk of contracting STDs, typically due to uncharacteristic or unwise sexual behavior encouraged by the effects of the drug.
  • Mixing cocaine and alcohol in the liver produces cocaethylene, which can lead to sudden death.

Now That You Know the Facts About Crack, What Can You Do?

Learning about crack cocaine facts can be an alarming experience, particularly if you yourself use cocaine or care deeply about someone else who does. However, this knowledge can be put to good use. The first step to recovery is to admit that there is a problem. Once this hurdle has been overcome, you can get help and counseling from a high-quality, fully accredited rehabilitation facility. At WhiteSands Treatment Center, for example, our staff includes board-certified medical practitioners and our counselors specialize in individualized, dual-diagnosis addiction recovery plans. We offer a variety of programs, ranging from inpatient and outpatient programs to the latest in alternative treatment methods, to accommodate the needs of our clients.

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