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Drug addiction takes its toll not only on addicts but also on the families of addicts. Family members will often struggle with guilt over not helping their loved one sooner, and they will have to learn new ways of relating to the recovering addict. They also need to be equipped to offer the best help that they can to addicted loved ones as they work toward sobriety. Happily, many programs offer help for families of addicts that can bring healing, and when families of people getting professional addiction treatment are included in these programs, the chances of healing improve for everyone involved.

Support Group Options

Much of the help that is available for addicts’ family members are found in support groups that are similar in many ways to the 12-step groups that some drug and alcohol addicts turn to for support after rehabilitation. Several organizations offer meetings for families of drug addicts in cities across the country, but perhaps the most widely known of these is Nar-Anon. Family members and others who have been affected by someone else’s addiction can join these meetings and receive support from others who know what it is like to have a loved one who is an addict, helping them to feel less alone in their struggles. A version of the 12 steps made famous by Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous is followed at these meetings.

Family Counseling Through Rehab

In addition to support groups for families of addicts sponsored by organizations such as Nar-Anon, family members of addicts can also find assistance from drug and alcohol rehab centers. High-quality drug and alcohol recovery programs will also offer help for families of drug addicts to assist the addict and their loved ones in mending their relationships and help family members learn how they can best support the addict in recovery. Family members and friends may be incorporated into the development of a customized drug or alcohol rehab program for the addict. Support groups for families of addicts are also often sponsored by the same rehab center that is treating the addict.

Find Help for the Whole Family

At Tampa Drug Treatment Center, we believe that offering quality support for families of addicts is essential to successful long-term sobriety for the recovering addict. We can recommend local resources where you live that you can take advantage of as your loved one participates in dual-diagnosis treatment at our accredited facility, and our counselors can also offer help for families of addicts at our center alongside treatment of the addict’s substance dependency. Because getting an addict into rehab can be challenging, we’re here to help the whole family, going far beyond the services of organizations that only offer meetings for families of drug addicts. We will even work with you to coordinate transportation for the addict to our Tampa Bay area facility. Most private insurance plans will cover at least part of the cost of our high-quality rehab programs, and we can work with you to make treatment as cost-effective as possible. Call today or fill out our form for more information.