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Experimenting with a recreational drug may seem like an innocent enough experience. Many individuals begin using only to discover that it’s much harder to stop than it is to begin. The good news is that even the longest-using addicts can recover with proper treatment. If you’re interested in discovering the truth about illegal drugs, facts and statistics are an excellent place to start.

What Good Are Facts About Illegal Drugs?

The realization that a loved one is abusing an illegal drug can be hard to bear and even harder to believe. It’s tempting to excuse bad behavior, or to reason that the use is “just a phase” or “just a way to cope.” The nature of addiction is such that an addict is unable to stop using, even if they may want to. However, seeking out a professional solution to drug or alcohol addiction requires an active choice, which may not occur until the addict is confronted with the unpleasant truth of their use and the consequences that drug use may have had for their current life and future prospects. When you’re trapped in the pleasant, oblivious haze of an illegal drug, facts can be the wake-up call you need to get help.

Illegal Drugs: Facts and Information

The statistics lurking behind drug use are alarming. Young children who try drugs are put at a higher likelihood of developing an addiction in adulthood. Adults who use drugs may make the mistake of combining drugs and alcohol, which can be deadly form of abuse. As startling and tragic as these facts may be, they are important to understand and appreciate, especially for those who have not yet lost their lives and livelihoods to addiction.

  • In a survey of young people, 57.9% admitted using illegal drugs at least once during their lifetime.
  • It is possible to suffer a stroke or heart attack after using cocaine only once.
  • In 2003, more than 7.5 million teenagers reported that they had used an illegal drug.
  • Heroin, ecstasy, LSD, and marijuana are all examples of an illegal drug.
  • Facts suggest that illegal drugs can be more easily obtained by children than legal drugs.
  • Even short-term drug use can lead to permanent damage to the liver, heart, kidneys, and brain.
  • In 2004, 18% of federal inmates reported that their most recent offense had been committed in order to try to get money for drugs.

When it comes to illegal drugs, facts alone aren’t enough to shake the bonds of addiction. Addicts may require a medically supervised detox in order to progress through withdrawal in a safe and comfortable way. Even after the physical hold of an illegal drug has been broken, there will remain a strong psychological urge to use again. It is for this reason that rehabilitation and counseling are so highly recommended. At WhiteSands Treatment Center, our private facility specializes in dual-diagnosis programs of all lengths and styles. We cater to patients with many different addictions and medical needs, and we’re proud to create a customized treatment plan for every unique individual.

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