Songs About Drug Addiction and Alcohol Abuse: Draw Inspiration From Recovery Songs | Find Support and Success With Us

Music has always claimed a strong hold on the human heart, but it’s also been used as therapy for individuals with diseases ranging from depression to Parkinson’s. In the 1970s, this form of therapy was integrated into addiction treatment, and it remains an effective staple of many rehabilitation programs. When it comes to addiction, recovery songs express the raw emotions that come with the disorder, helping to explain addiction to those who have never suffered from it and letting addicts know that their pain is understood. When your problems seem insurmountable, it’s hard to remember that you are not alone.

Finding Truth in Alcohol and Drug Addiction Songs

For individuals who find themselves seeking peace at the bottom of a bottle, songs about alcohol addiction can help encourage a realization of the greater issue. The same holds true for songs about drug addiction. Music sweeps us away, letting us sink into the lyrics, and sometimes, we find the truth about ourselves. Recovery and addiction songs offer clarity about the world of drug and alcohol abuse and may also offer an empowering reminder that a healthy, sober life is worth fighting for.

  • “Going Through Changes” by Eminem
    Many addicts return to drugs or alcohol as a way to deal with problems like depression or grief. Eminem beautifully conveys the confusion, apathy, and frustration of not being able to see a way out of the cycle of addiction.
  • “Breaking the Habit” by Linkin Park
    The most poignant lyrics are often born from personal experience. Written by Mike Shinoda about a friend’s addiction, the song depicts an individual caught in the cycle of drug abuse, acting in ways they don’t really intend to.
  • “Starting Over” by Macklemore
    The relapse rate for addiction is comparable to other chronic diseases, but this knowledge doesn’t make it any easier to admit that a mistake has been made. Macklemore candidly discusses the judgment and disappointment that can accompany a relapse, but he also truthfully points out that starting over is simply another stage of recovery.
  • “Sober” by Pink
    Drugs and alcohol produce a high in the user, which can make them feel like they’re soaring, safe, and free from pain. But when the high wears off, an addict must confront the truth of their use.
  • “Save Me” by Shinedown
    Few addicts manage to achieve a successful recovery without professional help. This song focuses on arguably the hardest part of recovery: asking for help.
  • “Recover” by Natasha Bedingfield
    This song speaks to the constant challenge of recovery and the importance of remembering that “it’s not what we’ve done but how far we’ve come” that matters. Recovery is a lifelong journey, and songs like this one can help remind you that the task is worth undertaking.
  • “The Girl You Lost to Cocaine” by Sia
    Drugs can take priority over every other aspect of life, including those the addict loves and cares about. When addiction reaches this point, it’s important for supporters and loved ones to take care of themselves as well.

Listening to Recovery Songs to Help Your Journey

Whether you’re a former addict, someone currently struggling with addiction, or simply a concerned friend, music is a powerful way to find comfort and support. These recovery songs offer an insider’s perspective on the world of substance abuse, but they may also spark awareness of your own addiction. This knowledge can be hard to grapple with, but rest assured that there are private, personalized programs available to guide you through counseling and recovery.

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