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The Job Of A Substance Abuse Therapist And How They Can Aid In Addiction Recovery

It’s nearly impossible to recover from addiction successfully on your own: A group of people is almost always involved in helping someone to leave addiction behind. Highly skilled doctors and nurses can play a role in helping to ease the symptoms of withdrawal. Family members and friends can be there to offer emotional support. But addiction therapists are indispensable in the process of assisting addicts to successfully overcome their addiction. Fortunately, at Tampa Drug Treatment Center, our professional counselors are adept at helping people to work through the causes of their addiction and learn better-coping skills that can help them avoid a relapse.

What Is an Addiction Therapist?

An addiction therapist, also known as a substance abuse therapist or a drug abuse counselor, works with addicts in order to help them develop and implement a recovery plan. Professionals who provide addiction therapy have been trained to help individuals in rehab to discover what has led to their addiction and to develop skills for dealing with life that is better than using drugs or alcohol. They engage in counseling with addicts and may coordinate with other addiction treatment professionals in order to develop a complete program of care for the addicts under their supervision. At Tampa Addiction Treatment Center, our team includes many addiction therapists who have a wealth of experience in assisting those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

How Addiction Therapists Help

Addiction counselors are invaluable in helping addicts uncover the root causes of their addiction. An outside perspective enables them to recognize what the addict cannot see and get to the heart of what is causing the addiction. Then, they can help walk each client through the process of learning better ways to deal with situations that might tempt them to use drugs or alcohol again. If the patient is also dealing with a mental illness, their counselor can help them with those issues as well as part of our dual-diagnosis treatment programs. In addition, each person’s substance abuse therapist helps them with a lot of the legwork of coordinating care and designing an individualized treatment plan that is best suited to the specific needs of the addict. Addiction therapists are one of the primary points of contact with the addict during rehab, and they work to make sure that the client understands and knows how to follow each step of inpatient treatment and any outpatient care that may be necessary.

Get Help From a Qualified Therapist

If you are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, we can provide personalized rehabilitation programs that can help you with your problem. Our individualized, cost-effective addiction treatment plans are administered by professional addiction therapists at our accredited, private facility, and our addiction care specialists are available by phone right now to help you get the care that you need. We can even coordinate transportation to our facility if you don’t live in the Tampa Bay area. Call today and we’ll give you a free clinical assessment to help you get started on the path toward sobriety. Your new life is waiting.