Long-term Residential Treatment for Drug Addiction

For some addicts, long-term residential treatment is the best rehab solution for a severe addiction that has consumed their lives for a prolonged period. With the continuous support of medical professionals, staff, and peers who are also enrolled in residential rehab, addicts are provided with the structure and systems necessary to recover from their addictions and completely redesign their lives. Residential rehabs also offer more time and space for personalized treatment to improve patients’ decision-making skills. Furthermore, long-term rehabs allow patients and their friends and family to heal rifts that may have presented themselves as a result of addictions, allowing addicts to eventually return to a sense of normalcy after chaotic existences. Call today to learn how you or an addict you know can enter our top residential rehab facility and work toward a drug-free and fulfilling life.

Long-term residential treatment gives addicts the ability to stay focused in a sober living environment. While outpatient programs can be successful in counteracting addiction, the ability to go home after counseling can increase the chances that addicts will fall back into bad habits and be susceptible to dangerous influences. Inpatient treatment provides a static support network that addicts can rely on every minute of the day during their recovery. The long-term drug rehab program at WhiteSands Treatment Center is designed to keep patients on the road to recovery while they battle an addiction and any accompanying mental illnesses.

Enrolling in a long-term inpatient drug rehab can support recovery efforts by allowing professionals to better understand the nature of a client’s addiction and monitor every step of their progress. In an inpatient environment, the nuances of a patient’s progress can be better assessed, and in some cases, treatment approaches can be modified as a result of daily assessments. Long-term rehab centers also have the equipment and systems necessary to support the transition between detox and extended therapy. While a successful detox and the elimination of withdrawal symptoms can put patients on the right recovery track, remaining in an atmosphere that is conducive to clean living can protect addicts from the temptations of relapse. Our residential rehab solutions incorporate a multi-pronged approach to recovery so that all aspects of a client’s physical, emotional, psychological, and interpersonal lives improve over the course of a stay.

A good long-term inpatient drug rehab involves more than just a simple detox and keeping addicts clean for month or more. Programs should be able to educate patients and give them the coping tools that they need to maintain sobriety long after transitioning to independent living. These tools can include emotional coping strategies, behavioral therapy, and psychiatric support to aid patients in their attempts to successfully confront the issues that led to drug abuse. For those suffering from a dual diagnosis, customized care at a long-term drug rehab can ensure that psychiatric disorders are addressed in tandem with physical issues through a combination of prescription medication and therapy. Specific programs found at WhiteSands Treatment Center include ones that focus on relationships and can promote interpersonal healing with friends and family in a safe environment.

In long-term treatment, medical professionals are also afforded the ability to guide addicts in creating and maintaining new, positive behaviors. Residents can be continually assessed on how they apply the skills that they’ve learned in a comprehensive recovery environment, and modifications may be made as they enter different phases of their recovery. Support offered in an inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation center by both medical professionals and other peers striving toward the same goal can significantly improve the chances for successful recovery. The inherent structure found in long-term treatment centers also gives patients a blueprint for future independent living and encourages them to maintain routines that reinforce positive behavioral patterns. At WhiteSands Treatment Center, we offer comprehensive aftercare support that can support patients long after they’ve completed treatment and are living on their own. Don’t wait to get help: Call today.