Luxury Rehab Facilities

Luxury rehab facilities are typically considered to be a premium alternative to standard, hospital-based rehabs. At a luxury rehab center, more emphasis is placed on individualized care and staff recognize the direct link between the whole being and recovery. These rehabs offer programs that promote calming and restorative activities that are designed to heal mental, emotional, and spiritual wounds as well as encourage physical health. The holistic approaches found in luxury rehabs place special emphasis on the individual and treat addiction as a systemic affliction rather than a standalone disease. Our luxury programs at White Sands Treatment Center make every day of an extended stay a pleasurable experience for addicts of all walks of life.

Impressive amenities, including comfortable, private accommodations, scenic views, and a friendly environment, can significantly reduce the anxiety experienced while being admitted into and undergoing treatment at a rehab facility. High-end rehabs can offer child care and pet services, foods prepared by skilled chefs, massages, and yoga classes. Innovative therapies may also be incorporated into treatment at a luxury rehab center. Since luxury rehab centers are typically centered on extended stays, the chances for patients to experience sobriety may increase after enrolling, as long-term care and monitoring is an integral part of therapy. After a successful detox, counseling and the learning of coping skills can become part of a long-term treatment program, which can guide addicts long after they’ve left the facility.

In some cases, luxury addiction treatment can help convince addicts to attempt rehab and stay enrolled in programs for a sufficient period of time. A standard rehab may not the types of amenities and comforts commonly found in luxury rehabilitation centers. It’s not uncommon to find activities and perks like sports and spas and alternative treatments like acupuncture on the grounds of top high-quality rehabs. For these reasons, luxury rehab centers are commonly likened to resorts, providing a comfortable retreat for extended treatment. Though luxury rehabs provide all of the essential services offered in a cost-effective rehab, they are often augmented with personalized services to make detox and therapy more palatable to those with specific lifestyles and preferences.

Customized programs that consider a client’s specific needs can increase the success rates of addicts’ detox, recovery, and rehabilitation. Luxury addiction treatment will often offer programs that have been designed to cater to an addict’s life circumstances. For instance, different programs may be created for members of the LGBTQ community or those who ascribe to different religious philosophies. Holistic approaches can treat the entirety of an individual rather than just the addiction, and executive programs may even allow clients to continue working while receiving counseling at a residential treatment center. Individualized treatments like these may support addicts as they strive toward recovery, as they’re able to rely on the secure foundations that existed in their lives before they became addicts.

For some substance abusers, luxury drug rehab centers are the appropriate solution to a severe drug or alcohol addiction problem. The accommodations and latitude provided by these private rehabs can be conducive to getting sober in a gentle and healing manner. At WhiteSands Treatment Center, we offer a number of premium treatment programs, including acupuncture, art therapy, yoga, and nutritional therapy, that have been designed to ease clients’ transition from addiction to recovery. Call today to learn more about our exceptional programs and how they can help you or the addict in your life comfortably recover from the throes of drug addiction.