As the number of men struggling with addiction continues to increase, the growing need for men’s drug addiction programs and/or inpatient rehab centers is apparent. Addiction affects the male psyche and his physical being differently than a woman, which is why many drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers are implementing gender-specific treatment programs.

According to the National Institute of Health, men are two to three times more likely to have a substance abuse disorder or dependence issue as compared to women. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) shares that men are also more likely to use addictive substances at a younger age than women. They also tend to engage in binge drinking in higher numbers, and are inclined to abuse drugs more often and in greater amounts than their female counterparts.

While alcohol and drug addiction has the ability to destroy lives in both genders, research and breakthroughs in addiction psychology over recent years highlight foundational differentiations in how addiction affects men vs. women. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse, continue reading to learn how our drug addiction treatment center for men can help someone get on the road to recovery.

About Alcohol and Drug Rehab for Men

With so many men struggling with addiction, you may wonder why more aren’t reaching out for help. Many men dealing with addiction issues tend to enroll in a recovery program later in life because of the social stigma that surrounds needing assistance. It also isn’t uncommon for men to delay seeking treatment because of work pressures, family responsibilities, or the belief they can get a handle on their addiction without support from anyone else. In some cases, the need for treatment can be a blow to the male ego, while others feel they have let people down. Unfortunately, the longer someone waits to get help for drug and alcohol addiction, the more damage it is doing to their body, overall health, their relationships, finances, etc.

Men turn to drugs and alcohol for a variety of reasons, and these specific causes are addressed upon entering a drug rehab for men. These reasons may include employment-related pressures, experiencing abuse or trauma at a young age, financial stressors, relationship issues, emotional problems, or attempting to self-medicate when dealing with dual diagnosis issues such as depression, PTSD or bipolar disorder.

When someone enrolls in a men’s inpatient rehab center, he will receive a customized treatment plan that specifically addresses his physical, emotional and social needs as a man. The patient is surrounded by other men who are on a similar journey, and they can relate to one another in terms of how a man thinks, copes and operates on a general level. In addition, being in the company of all men typically brings about more honest and fruitful communication, as patients are less inhibited in their speech and expressing their feelings. Last, by not being surrounded by the opposite sex, there is less distraction and enticement of “rehab romance,” allowing the man to focus solely on recovery and healing.

Men’s Inpatient Rehab Center – What is a Typical Day Like?

No two days in rehab will be exactly the same. Depending on your specific needs, daily rehab scenarios will vary. Typically, each day begins with a healthy breakfast, as addicts tend to have neglected their physical body and are in need of nourishment. Breakfast might be followed by a group counseling session, exercise or meditation gathering, or support group meeting.

After a nutritious lunch, you might take part in a one-on-one therapy session, engage in an alternative therapy opportunity, or have free time to read, relax, etc. The alternative therapies that we offer include: art, acupuncture, massage, fitness/exercise, moral reconation, and yoga therapies.

Once dinner has concluded, you may take part in more group sessions, or a more casual support group meeting. When enrolled in a drug rehab for men, expect to retire early in the evening. This is to promote a restful night’s sleep, and to also get patients into the practice of setting a routine in their lives.

Tampa Drug Addiction Treatment Center for Men

If you are a man struggling with alcohol and/or drug addiction, consider enrolling in the gender-specific treatment program at Tampa Drug Treatment Center. Our addiction counselors and physicians are well versed in the therapy needs of men, and will create a customized treatment plan for you.

Addiction does not need to destroy your life any longer. Join other men who are walking a similar journey, and get treatment today in a safe, supportive environment without judgment or criticism.

Let us provide you with the treatment, tools, support and insight you need to achieve sobriety and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Speak to someone in our center today about our women’s drug addiction program options. One phone call can change your life. Call us now at 1-877-640-7820.