When the time comes to choose a substance abuse rehab to enroll in, you have many different options. There are multiple ways to be treated and many locations, each one offering a possible solution. It’s important to take a close look at private rehab programs in order to understand the benefits offered to those in need of personalized addiction rehabilitation and care.

Medical Supervision

For some clients, inpatient detox may be the start of addiction treatment. It isn’t easy, but it does help people take that first step toward their new, addiction-free life. In private rehab centers, patients are able to take advantage of medically assisted detox. Using medications, the entire process can be safe and comfortable, as the withdrawal symptoms are managed by a medical professional. Not all public facilities offer this type of detox, but WhiteSands Treatment Center offers a quality rehab program that includes doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, and counselors all working in your best interest.

Additional Privacy

Enrolling in a public addiction treatment program may not offer the same level of privacy and protection from others in your life knowing what is going on as a private facility can. Being able to enjoy private rehab and recovery in a location that you may not be familiar with gives you a completely new sense of focus that can be beneficial to your personal progress.

Individualized Treatment

Private rehab centers focus on the needs of each patient through customized care and attention. You aren’t going into addiction treatment and following the same plan as everyone else; each recovery plan is unique. Your needs are taken into consideration when creating a personalized addiction treatment plan, giving you the best chances for success. This personal attention can make a huge difference in your rehabilitation and recovery.

Dual-Diagnosis Help

Private facilities are one of the best choices for patients who have a dual diagnosis. For those who may have a mental health concern as well as a substance abuse issue, just treating the addiction will not be enough: These patients need to address both problems in order to ensure a more successful recovery.

Get Help Now

Public facilities often do not have the availability to accommodate everyone in immediate need of addiction treatment. This leads to overcrowding, understaffing, and, in some cases, a waiting list for admission. Addiction rehab cannot wait, and putting off treatment could be life-threatening. That’s why private rehabs without a waiting list are so appealing. They also tend to have smaller group sizes, creating more of a connection between everyone involved in the program.

Unique Treatment Options

Some people want to incorporate their religious beliefs into their recovery plans. Others may want a program that is going to offer plenty of exercise and healthy food to help them on track for a new life. A private rehab center may be more likely to be able to accommodate the special needs of clients looking to make a change. From amenities to locations that focus on holistic therapies, private facilities are going to offer more to each individual.

If you’re looking for private rehabilitation options, fill out the form to get started with WhiteSands Treatment Center. We offer personalized treatment plans in a private environment. From one-on-one counseling to assistance with dual diagnoses, our accredited facility offers top-quality service.