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If you’re struggling with addiction, you should work with a professional who understands where you are coming from and what it will take for you to make the change to a sober lifestyle. For many people, this means seeing an addiction specialist on a regular basis. Unlike a general therapist, a specialist has been trained to deal with individuals struggling with substance abuse. At Tampa Drug Treatment Center, our addiction specialists can provide the skilled assistance you need at every step in the process, from intervention to post-rehab support.


Sometimes, friends and family members will see a loved one struggling with substance abuse and want to help but not know how to approach the situation. A substance abuse specialist can arrange an intervention and facilitate the meeting, making sure that everyone involved feels safe and able to speak up about what has been going on. The specialist is there to help the family as well as the addict. A general therapist may be able to conduct family therapy and understand the principles of facilitating effective communication, but they may not have a complete understanding of how addiction can make confrontations even more difficult, adding a whole new level of concern for everyone involved.


One of the most important portions of drug or alcohol rehabilitation is the screening process. This provides insight into more than just which substances a person has been abusing. Instead, it takes a closer look at some of the symptoms that a patient has been experiencing to determine what else is going on. In the case of a dual diagnosis, a person may be dealing with substance abuse while trying to self-medicate for a previously unknown mental concern. An addiction specialist has more experience in this area and can draw connections between different symptoms in order to come up with an accurate diagnosis.


Once the problem has been recognized and evaluated, it’s time to get help. Once again, an addiction specialist plays a crucial role in this part of the recovery process. Skilled in things like cognitive behavioral therapy, talk therapy, and biofeedback, a specialist can provide treatment options such as these to a patient battling addiction. It’s important to be able to address both a person’s addiction and any other issues that may be affecting their well-being, so our accredited facility employs experienced specialists as part of a team that works to create a customized treatment plan for each patient. After learning more about your situation, your struggles, and even your interests, private counseling and other treatment methods can be incorporated into your program to ensure that you get the most out of the experience. Then, once you have completed treatment, our addiction specialists will be there to assist with your aftercare plan and offer support through the transition back home.

A substance abuse specialist has a clear understanding of what addiction is and how it affects people, our specialists can provide you with the individualized attention you need to start over. Call today or fill out our form here to get a free clinical assessment. Then, a specialist can help create a personalized plan that brings together programs and services that can help you regain control of your life.