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If you’re a busy professional, you know how difficult it can be to schedule a routine medical appointment, let alone treatment for something as significant as a drug or alcohol addiction. If you are a professional and an addict, you need assistance from an organization well-trained to meet the specific needs of professionals. We understand the needs of professionals, and our customized inpatient and outpatient rehab programs have helped countless men and women to get the help they need.

Discretion Is Key

When it comes to addiction treatment for professionals, confidentiality is a top concern. If people find out about your drug or alcohol addiction, much damage to your career could ensue. Thus, we take confidentiality seriously here at WhiteSands Treatment. When you seek addiction treatment from the highly skilled doctors, nurses, and counselors at our private facility, your confidentiality is assured.

Looking to Get Away? We’ll Help

We treat professionals from all over the country, so you should not let our location deter you if you do not live in the area: We can coordinate transportation to the Tampa Bay area so you can get treatment at our facility. For those with the most severe addictions, we often recommend inpatient treatment, for which you’ll need to use your vacation days as an investment in your health. But for local professionals who can’t take too much time away from the office and who have less severe addictions, we also offer partial hospitalization programs, which will allow you to get treatment on weekdays but still keep on top of things at work.

Sort Out Legal Issues

The circumstances that have led you to seek an alcohol rehab for professionals may also involve legal or licensing issues that need to be worked out in conjunction with your treatment. Whether rehab is ordered as part of a legal settlement, to maintain your professional license, or in another related circumstance, we can help you. Our board-certified professionals can provide the proper documentation of your stay with us and even offer testimony in many contexts if required. And we can do all of this while still maintaining your confidentiality.

Let Us Help You

At WhiteSands Treatment we provide customized addiction treatment for professionals who work in a number of different disciplines. You will receive comprehensive addiction treatment at our Tampa Bay area facility, and we will work closely with you, your family, and any others you invite into the process in order to develop a customized care plan for your time with us, whether you need a program offering drug or alcohol rehab for professionals. We accept most private insurance plans, and we will put forth the maximum effort to get you sober and help you stay that way. Call today or fill out our form for more information on the different types of care we can offer you to help you get control of your addiction and get your life back on track, both personally and professionally.