Cocaine Risks: How Cocaine Use Can Hurt You and Your Family | Avoid the Risks of Using Cocaine With Personalized Addiction Treatment

Using cocaine comes with multiple risks and can have high stakes. It doesn’t matter if this is the first time someone tries it or it has become a habit created over several months or years: Things always have the potential to go wrong with cocaine. If you or someone you love is struggling with cocaine addiction, it’s time to take a closer look at cocaine risks and how they can affect an individual’s health and well-being. Then, you’ll need to find the best rehab facility for your needs.

Physical Risks

The initial reaction to cocaine is additional energy and alertness. Many people notice that they can handle certain situations more successfully when they are high. At the same time, several physical risks have the potential to cause short and long-term problems. In the case of pregnancy, the risks of cocaine use also apply to the unborn child, bringing the potential for an unhealthy or underdeveloped infant.

Once the high begins, the body becomes more physically alert, bringing symptoms such as higher blood pressure, an increased heartbeat, and a raised body temperature. Any of these things can be problematic, especially if they are happening to the extreme. These physical risks can also be fatal, especially when it comes to overdosing.

If cocaine is snorted, over time, a person also loses their sense of smell. Those who take it orally may begin to experience decaying bowels. Those who inject cocaine run the risk of infection and diseases like hepatitis C and HIV.

Risky Behavior

The body changes as cocaine is introduced to the system, but it isn’t just the physical risks that can be worrisome. While they are high, users don’t always have a clear picture of right and wrong or safe versus risky behavior. They might take drastic actions because of the paranoia they feel or do something because they believe that they are invincible. Either way, the outcome isn’t always ideal.

Risky behavior doesn’t just happen when a person is high on cocaine. Once the addiction sets in, it becomes necessary to get more of the substance regardless of the consequences, and because of this, theft and violence often go hand in hand with cocaine addiction. These cocaine risks don’t just affect the user: They spill over to family and friends, sometimes putting them in harm’s way.

Are you concerned with the risks of cocaine use and ready to get clean and sober? Have you started to take unnecessary risks or put your family in harm’s way because of cocaine? If so, call WhiteSands Treatment Center now to speak with an addiction specialist. Our personalized programs start with a medically assisted detox and then move on to educational opportunities including private counseling and group therapy as well as alternative treatments that can help you solidify your commitment to a drug-free life.

In a customized rehabilitation program, it’s also important to learn about relapse prevention. That’s why we work closely with clients to help determine what situations in their lives encourage continued drug use. Learning how to cope with these situations and cravings is a key element of a successful recovery, and at WhiteSands Treatment, we can help you learn the skills you need to move forward with a healthier lifestyle.