Risks of Taking Drugs: How Drug Use Can Hurt Your Health, Your Lifestyle, and Your Family | Need Help? Call for a Free Clinical Assessment

Drug use always comes with a price, and sometimes, a user will pay the ultimate price, forfeiting their life. While most people understand some of the most common risks of drug use, it can also create a variety of underlying issues that put a user and their family in harm’s way. There are lots of reasons why it’s time to get help and start an accredited program with successful results in the realm of addiction recovery.

Risking Your Health

The first thing you put in jeopardy when you take drugs is your health. You’re introducing a foreign substance into the body, so the body must adapt. This means changing the way the brain functions, working overtime to try to process the drug, and in some cases going without the necessary nutrition to keep the body running. Some drugs create an increased heart rate that immediately puts your life at risk. Others affect your body temperature and can cause severe hyperthermia. Drugs are unpredictable and can cause a variety of physical side effects, some only lasting for a while and others settling in for the long term.

Risking Your Reputation

It’s no secret that drugs begin to change your priorities. Instead of holding down a job, being responsible, and participating in healthy relationships, drugs become the center of everything. Once you begin to head down the path of drug use, you become untrustworthy and uncaring to those in your life. You lose their respect for you and your respect for yourself. If things escalate to the point of coming into contact with law enforcement, drugs could even put your future at risk.

Risking Your Family Members

The risks of taking drugs center on your family in two different ways. The first is superficial. You are no longer a productive member of the family, letting those around you down and many times depending on them to help cover your mistakes, financial mismanagement, or angry outbursts. This emotional strain can be heartbreaking for loved ones to experience. But in severe cases, the lives of family members might be put at risk as you make substance abuse a bigger part of their world. Drug use is often paired with violence and risky behavior, and in these instances, your family may be left to face the more serious consequences of your actions.

Risking Your Financial Future

People who use drugs tend to start out small but find that over time, they need more of the substance or need it more frequently to experience the same feelings. Drugs cost money, and the steady increase in money needed to support the habit can leave a wake of poor decisions behind it. At some point, there is no more money coming in, and alternative methods of getting the drug might be considered.

If the risks of drug use are keeping you up at night and you don’t know where to turn for help, we’re here for you. WhiteSands Treatment Center has experience dealing with clients who are starting to see the results of their risky behavior. We can give you a free clinical assessment and help you create an individualized treatment plan that brings together the best services we have to offer, including family therapy and alternative treatment options. Call today and leave behind the risks of taking drugs.