Here at WhiteSands Treatment Center, we also treat behavioral addictions. These conditions often co-occur with chemical dependence. Behavioral addictions such as gambling and eating disorders often stem from underlying emotional issues; often, this is associated with dual diagnosis. For this reason, it is important that both the substance dependence and behavioral addiction be addressed and treated during the rehabilitation process. Aside from mental or emotional issues at the root of a behavioral addiction, having an addictive personality or a history of compulsion in one’s family also plays a significant role. Recovery can prove to be more difficult for those suffering from multiple addictive disorders. Our comprehensive and specialized treatment plans are tailored to fit each patient’s individual needs and treat any co-occurring or underlying disorders they may have. We will assess your needs upon arrival and provide the individualized treatment most beneficial for you in a high-quality, safe facility.

Treating Various Behavioral Addictions


Gambling Addiction

Although gambling addictions can develop in isolation, a problem with gambling is generally associated with other life issues relating to relationships, work, or emotional well-being. These types of problems also increase your likelihood of developing an unhealthy relationship with drugs or alcohol. Therefore, we often see patients who have a combination of gambling addiction and substance abuse. At WhiteSands, we primarily treat substance abuse and addictions, but if this primary issue is accompanied by a secondary addiction such as gambling, we can help you recover from the behavioral addiction as well.

sex-addiction rehab at white sands treatment center

Sex Addiction

Sex addiction can manifest in a wide range of ways, from compulsive, risky promiscuity to extremely inappropriate sexual behaviors that others find unacceptable. Contrary to popular perception, it can strike anyone of any age, sexual orientation, or gender, and it is an illness that tends to worsen over time. At WhiteSands, we have a dedicated and professional team of addiction therapists who can help you to understand the root causes of your sex addiction and help you to learn new behaviors and attitudes that will help to end your unhealthy dependence on inappropriate sexual behaviors. You will also be encouraged to take part in counseling as well as complementary holistic therapies such as light personal training. Your entire rehabilitation program will be customized on the basis of your unique experiences, needs, and goals.


Smoking Addiction

Although smoking is legal, the truth is that quitting smoking is just as difficult as ending a heroin addiction. If you are struggling to stop smoking and desperately want to protect yourself against the many associated health risks (such as cancer and heart disease), we can admit you to an expertly designed addiction program that will help you leave cigarettes in the past. Depending on your situation, we may provide you with medication, patches, or hypnosis treatment that can help ease the discomfort of withdrawal. We will also focus on cognitive behavioral therapy that teaches you alternative methods of dealing with stress, boredom, and the other common triggers for smoking. Many of the patients at WhiteSands want to stop smoking while they are being treated for another type of addiction in rehab, so our team specializes in this area of behavioral addiction.


Food Addiction

Recent studies have shown that many people who are obese have a problematic correlation between food and pleasure receptors, leading them to react to food in much the same way as the average substance abuser reacts to their drug of choice. Food addicts are not always overweight and may successfully quash their urge to eat. However, their thoughts are nonetheless dominated by food and the desire to consume it. The staff at WhiteSands knows that food addiction is a genuine problem, and we are here to help you get it under control through cognitive behavioral therapy that aims to get to the root of your reasons for becoming obsessed with eating. Our nutritional therapy programs can provide the knowledge required to adopt healthy eating habits.

Self-Harm Addiction

Self-Harm (Cutting) Addiction

Whether you self-harm to send a message to other people about your unhappiness or use it as a way to cope with intense emotional trauma, cutting can become addictive. If you burn, slice, or scratch at your skin, we can help you to understand why you have become trapped in this unhealthy cycle of behavior and teach you new coping mechanisms that will provide a more productive outlet for distress. Our compassionate team of expert counselors will help you to work through your pain, and we can involve your loved ones in a family treatment program if they are struggling to understand your behavior. If your self-harm is related to a mental health problem such as depression, we can offer you a dual-diagnosis treatment program that concurrently treats your mental illness and your addiction.

Internet Addiction Treatment Programs

Internet Addiction

Internet addicts develop sleep problems, experience diminished closeness in their relationships, use their online activities to distract from real-life problems, and may even create a false life that they can live out on the Internet. Others are focused on online gaming and start to prioritize the life of a character in an online role-playing game over their real life. If any of this sounds familiar, call WhiteSands to discuss an addiction treatment program that can be customized to suit the type of dependence you have developed. Internet addiction is a progressive problem that is unlikely to improve without outside help. Our counselors can give you that help before your addiction destroys your most important relationships, diminishes your health, or costs you your job.

Porn Addiction Treatment

Pornography Addiction

Often, pornography addictions overlap with Internet addictions and/or sex addictions. But a pornography addiction also needs to be treated in isolation. Many romantic relationships are ruined by one partner’s progressive addiction to pornography. Viewing certain types of porn can warp your view of real sexual relationships. We encourage you to seek help now, and we want to reassure you that the WhiteSands team will not subject you to any form of judgment or moralization. Through therapy, in a safe and private environment, we will explore your reasons for favoring pornography over interactions with real people and work to help you diminish your compulsion to seek out porn.

Shoplifting Addiction Treatment

Shoplifting Addiction

It is a myth that people mainly steal things that they want. Shoplifting can become compulsive due to the rush of adrenaline associated with the risk-taking act. Many people who steal from shops do not even want to keep the items that they procure. Through behavioral therapy, we will discover why you are shoplifting and tackle the underlying issues that are driving you to do it.

No matter what your addiction, help is available and recovery is possible. Call us today at (877) 855-3470 to speak to someone who can answer all of your questions and help you take the first step toward successful addiction treatment. You can also fill out the form on this page to get more information and get the cost-effective help you need.