Damason-P is an oral prescription medication that contains hydrocodone a narcotic analgesic and aspirin. Aspirin is the generic name for a group of drugs called salicylates that are used to reduce pain, fever and inflammation. Hydrocodone is a highly addictive narcotic pain reliever. When these drugs are combined their cumulative properties are highly effective in treating moderate to severe and chronic pain. Damason-P is the brand name for these combined properties.

The drug comes in pill form and is recommended to be taken with liquids or food. Common brand names containing Damason-P includes Emperin with Codiene, Lortab ASA, Percodan and Talwin Compound.

Drug Classifications

Damason-P is classified by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) as a Category C pregnancy drug. This classification help to protect lactating women and their infants because hydrocodone and aspirin can pass into breast milk. Babies who are breast fed can experience addiction and withdrawal symptoms when they ingest these drugs.

By itself, Aspirin is in the category of a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). Pure hydrocodone is classified as a Schedule II controlled substance.

Effects and Symptoms of Abuse

People who take Damason-P are exposed to the addictive properties of Hydrocodone. Hydrocodone is a semi-synthetic opioid. Habitual use eventually result in drug dependency and addiction. This drug has a euphoric side effect that can make it a drug of abuse for some. Those who are predisposed to getting high or to self-medicate away symptoms of depression are usually the ones who abuse this drug. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, over 5.1 million people abuse pain relievers annually. The following are symptoms of Damason-P abuse:

  • An increase in the amount pills taken daily that goes beyond the need for pain relief.
  • Flu like symptoms of withdrawal approximately 24 hours after the last use.
  • Feverish effort to get the drug usually seeing multiple doctors or seeking alternative sources.
  • Unable to stop using the drug even when it result in negative consequences
  • Preoccupation with drug seeking and using over other activities.
  • The individual may be visibly depressed or confused.
  • Performance depreciation at school, home, or work
  • hinder the body’s healing processes

Damason-P can have adverse effects if it interacts with other prescription medication. To avoid an overdose situation, people who are being treated for other medical conditions by different doctors should not take this drug without talking to their doctor or pharmacist. Use of this drug may be dangerous or fatal if you have been diagnosed with stomach ulcers, hemophilia or an allergy to aspirin.

Treatment for Damason-P

Addiction to this drug occurs when the synthetic opiate in Hydrocodone binds to the opiate receptors in the brain and spinal column. This reduces the sensation of pain and in those who abuse the drugs may experience feelings of euphoria. Patient who have become addicted to Damason-P may experience varying degrees of withdrawal symptoms when try to quit. The severity of these symptoms are determined by a number of variables such as the duration of use and the physical health of the individual. Symptoms of withdrawal can include muscle pain, nausea, tremors and flu like symptoms such as runny nose and fever and sweating.

Treating people with Damason-P addiction may involve a medically monitored detoxification process where withdrawal symptoms can be addressed as they occur. The most popular Damason-P detox process includes a gradual reduction and tapering off of the drug. This process prevents severe withdrawal symptoms and help to keep the patient stable during the procedure. Damason-P rehabilitation programs can last up to 28 days or more. This period allows sufficient time for the patient to go through detox as well as to participate in other therapeutic procedures.

Signs of a Damason-P Overdose

Damason-P overdose typically occurs when the drug is misused. Interaction with other drugs also increase the possibility of a drug overdose. Symptoms of a drug overdose on Damason-P include

  • Nausea, dizziness and vomiting.
  • Severe abdominal cramp
  • Coughing up blood

It is important that you seek emergency medical attention if you suspect that you are experiencing any of the preceding symptoms or other severe symptoms. Do not be afraid to ask for help for an addiction, especially before it has devastating consequences.