Opana, also known by the name oxymorphone, is one of the many kinds of medicines classified as an opioid painkiller. For more than 50 years, Opana has been used to help individuals who are suffering from pain and to treat conditions such as anxiety disorders. However, treatment with Opana sometimes comes at the high cost of addiction. The side effects of an Opana addiction can be deadly, so it is vital that you understand the signs of addiction and know how to get help for you or a loved one if an addiction develops.

The Dangers of Opana

Opana side effects are what make this drug so dangerous. The primary side effects of Opana include nausea, muscle aches, and tremors. In cases of Opana abuse and even when the drug is used properly, those who take the drug can suffer from respiratory distress or high blood pressure. Overdosing on the drug can cause a heart attack or cause the addict to stop breathing. If you suspect that an addiction is present in yourself or a friend or family member, get addiction help right away.

Signs of Opana Addiction

As is true of other drugs, there are various signs that can indicate an Opana addiction. Obviously, those who regularly exhibit Opana side effects may be addicted. There are also behavioral indicators of an addiction to Opana. Addicts may crush the pills before they take them, and there is a tendency for those on Opana to consume large quantities of cough syrup. An addiction is also indicated by doctor-shopping, which is when a person visits several different doctors so that they can get many different prescriptions. Individuals who engage in Opana abuse are also known to injure themselves on purpose or to fake an injury in order to be admitted to an emergency room where they will receive Opana.

Withdrawing from Opana

A person struggling with Opana addiction may have the best of intentions to overcome their addiction, but withdrawal symptoms often throw recovery off track. Opana withdrawal is often marked by vomiting, fever, and diarrhea. Other unpleasant withdrawal effects include sweating and restlessness. In some cases, seizures may be associated with Opana withdrawal. Professional drug rehabilitation under the supervision of accredited addiction specialists can help minimize these symptoms. During detox therapy, other medications can be used to reduce the severity of symptoms and help advance the recovery process.

Substance Abuse Treatment for Opana Addiction

At WhiteSands Treatment Center, our professional addiction treatment staff includes counselors and doctors who offer personalized treatment. We focus on alleviating Opana withdrawal and proceed with personalized addiction treatment to help uncover any psychological issues that have contributed to your Opana addiction. Your treatment will be kept confidential, and we accept most major insurance plans. Call today or fill out the form so we can help you get started on the road to a sober recovery.