What will it take for you to seek out drug addiction help? Have you started to see a change in your relationships with loved ones? Have you had a recent visit to the emergency room because of a drug-related incident? Regardless of what you have going on, if you’re dealing with a substance abuse issue, now is the time to get help.

Rehab Environment

If you want help with addiction, you want to find a safe place to go in order to get things under control. While many try to detox at home, most of them end up back on drugs in a short amount of time. You need a center that offers care and compassion as you take on the task of getting clean. WhiteSands Treatment Center understands how important this is and offers a free clinical screening to help you learn more about yourself and what programs would be best for you. We’re available 24/7 to assist you.

Staff Members

Those looking for help for drug addiction will want to be surrounded by professionals who are going to be supportive and encouraging; it isn’t easy to make this type of change, and the people around you will have a huge impact on your success. Highly trained individuals who are at the top of their craft are able to provide patients with personalized attention that can make a real difference. A friendly face in the midst of a struggle can offer help and hope.

Treatment Options Available

There are lots of approaches to offering drug abuse help, and it’s important to find the right one for you. Inpatient care in an accredited facility means having a comfortable place to stay during rehabilitation. Once there, the goal is customized treatment for each person. From private counseling to art therapy, there should be multiple ways for an individual to get drug addiction help. At the same time, the availability of dual-diagnosis care is also important, as it allows for the treatment of addiction and any mental issue that could be preventing a solution.

Continued Support

If you need help, addiction counselors at our facility can provide assistance now, but we can also help you find support, encouragement, and continued education even after you’ve left rehab. These outpatient services can give you peace of mind as you make the transition back home. At WhiteSands, we understand that help with addiction doesn’t end at the end of your program. That’s why we also have sober living environments for clients to consider. With a drug- and alcohol-free mentality, these locations offer structure and guidance while still allowing for more independence. You don’t need to head back home until you’re ready.

We believe that there is an effective treatment option for each person in search of help and hope. We’ve created a welcoming environment for patients and collected highly trained medical professionals who understand what you’re experiencing. We’ve got multiple services for you to take advantage of, including medically-assisted detox, family therapy, and programs focusing on diet and exercise. We look to treat the whole person and strive to provide personalized services that hold the key to your success. Fill out the form here to leave your drug of choice in the past and start anew.