Kansas Drug and Alcohol Treatment CentersKansas alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs can help you overcome your substance abuse addiction. Call an addiction advisor today to discuss your options for treatment. With just one call, we can assist you in achieving a life of sustained sobriety for both yourself and your friends and family. The Kansas Prevention Collaborative is dedicated to providing resources for those seeking addiction help.

Alcohol Treatment

Kansas alcohol treatment programs can help you fight the physical and emotional ramifications of alcohol addiction. You may find that you try to hide your drinking from friends and family; this could be a sign that you may need help. An alcohol addiction can lead to dangerous situations because alcohol can impair judgment and make it difficult to make responsible decisions. If your life or health has been changed by drinking, seeking help from a Kansas alcohol treatment program can help you repair the damage that addiction has caused.

Alcohol rehab offers therapies and treatments that range anywhere from assisting with your mental health to repairing your physical health. Since alcohol is a widely socially accepted substance, it can be incredibly difficult to avoid. Seeking professional help from a Kansas alcohol treatment program is an important part of learning to manage your addiction for a lifetime; this means resisting temptation in a variety of social situations. Your addiction counselor can also provide you with long-term support referrals that can provide the additional support that you need to stay alcohol-free for the rest of your life.

Drug Rehab

Drug rehab is a term that refers to treating any kind of drug addiction, including addictions to both illicit street drugs and prescription medications. A major component of treatment through any Kansas drug rehab is learning how to identify situations that have the potential to trigger cravings. You can expect to spend some time in personal and group counseling sessions in order to become more aware of the underlying feelings associated with each individual addiction. Most people entering a Kansas drug rehab opt for inpatient treatment for serious addictions. Outpatient treatment is also an option for those who are dedicated to recovery but cannot commit themselves to full-time care.

Inpatient therapy in a drug rehab can take anywhere from one to three months to successfully complete. The severity of your addiction and whether you have any other co-occurring addictions can impact the length of time you spend in an inpatient treatment program. Choosing a Kansas drug rehab is the first step in taking control of your life and making better choices for yourself and those you love the most. Your Kansas drug rehab can also provide resources for your spouse and children to use to deal with their own emotions that are related to living with an addicted family member.

Cocaine Rehab

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers KansasDrug treatment facilities in Kansas offer treatment programs that are focused on specific types of drug use, including cocaine and crack cocaine rehabilitation programs. Cocaine and crack cocaine are both very addictive and can cause major financial and lifestyle changes for those who are addicted to the substance. Cocaine and crack cocaine treatment often begins with a day or longer spent in a detox area of the treatment program. During detox, you will be provided supportive treatments and therapies as your body adjusts to the initial chemical imbalance. Treatment can include therapy, group sessions and a referral to a transitional housing facility after your initial treatment is complete.

Heroin Detox Treatment

Heroin detox treatment is available as an inpatient through drug treatment facilities in Kansas. Heroin detox is physically and mentally challenging, making it vital to seek professional medical care during this period, even if you are planning on seeking outpatient treatment for addiction. Detox can last up to ten days or longer, depending on your personal physical and mental reaction to the withdrawal symptoms. Drug treatment facilities in Kansas can also provide support when you are using detox for more than one type of addiction.

Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drug addiction is just as serious as an addiction to illegal drugs. Seeking help is important if you have found yourself using prescription drugs without a medical need, or if you can’t cut down on a number of prescription drugs you are using on a daily basis. Drug and alcohol rehab programs can provide the support needed to overcome an addiction to prescription drugs. The most commonly abused drugs include those for anxiety disorder, pain medications and drugs used to treat ADHD.

About Kansas

Kansas is located in the middle of America, near Oklahoma and Missouri. Since 2010, alcohol and drug rehab programs in Kansas have seen a dramatic rise in the abuse of methamphetamine in treatment facilities. Methamphetamine use has gone up three percent over the last decade. The state of Kansas does have slightly lower drug use reported than national statistics indicate, with statistics reporting that about seven percent of people have used drugs within the last year. Nationwide, about eight percent of people have reported using illicit drugs.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs in Kansas list marijuana, amphetamines, and cocaine as the top three drugs used by those seeking treatment. The number of people seeking treatment for alcohol use has declined in Kansas.

Getting Treatment

Finding help from local alcohol and drug rehab programs is the first step to recovery. Call us anytime and we can refer you to one of the many reputable Kansas drug or alcohol treatment programs. With the help of an addiction rehabilitation program, addicts can break free from the disease. Learn to live life to the fullest, call us today.