Louisiana Drug and Alcohol Treatment CentersLouisiana drug and alcohol treatment programs provide treatment that helps you reach your goals of becoming free of addiction. Get in touch with Louisiana drug and alcohol treatment facilities today to begin your treatment program. With licensed, professional addiction counselors available anytime, learning more about what to expect from rehab is less stressful than you think. Contact us today and let us help you. The Louisiana Department of Health offers resources and guidance for those who are seeking help for their substance abuse addiction.

Alcohol Treatment in Louisiana

Standard alcohol rehab includes both short and long-term treatment options. Louisiana alcohol treatment programs will help you focus on the reasons that you have decided to fight addiction and provide you with resources that help to ensure your long-term success. Alcohol addiction can be treated in an alcohol rehab as either an inpatient or an outpatient. Inpatient treatment requires staying on-site in the rehab program for about 30 to 90 days, while outpatient treatment takes place for several hours a day but allows you to go home after your sessions are completed each day. Working with an addiction counselor at the alcohol rehab will help you decide whether to seek care as an inpatient or an outpatient.

Drug Rehab in Louisiana

Louisiana alcohol treatment facilities also treat drug addictions. Drug treatment facilities in Louisiana offer both traditional twelve-step programs and more personalized treatment plans for you to choose from. When searching for the right drug treatment facilities in Louisiana, you will want to first decide which type of treatment program is the best option for your personal needs. There are Louisiana alcohol treatment programs that focus on spiritual beliefs as a basis for healing, while others offer non-religious care that treats patients using holistic methods, such as yoga or nutritional therapy.

The Louisiana drug rehab that you choose will offer a variety of therapies that emphasize taking control of your addiction for a sober lifestyle. Your long-term success often depends on the strategies learned in rehab. These strategies teach you to control your responses to others and change how you manage your free time and how you react to stress. Learning new ways to live and care for yourself provides patients with positive and productive ways to eliminate drugs and alcohol permanently.

Cocaine Rehab in Louisiana

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in LouisianaIf you are dealing with an addiction to cocaine or crack cocaine, choosing a Louisiana drug rehab that offers medically supervised detox sessions is the best choice. Cocaine and crack cocaine addiction can be very difficult to overcome on your own. Most experts recommend an inpatient program for those with an addiction to cocaine to give you the best chance possible for long-term recovery. Inpatient treatment gives patients and escapes from a potentially harmful home environment, giving them the chance to become fully engaged in rehabilitation.

As an inpatient in a Louisiana drug rehab, you will also learn how to rebuild other aspects of your life that have been impacted by drug use. Addiction is not just about stopping the use of drugs and alcohol. Rehab gives you the necessary tools to build relationships that have been affected by drug use and relearn life skills that you may have lost due to addiction.

Heroin Detox Treatment in Louisiana

Alcohol and drug rehab programs in Louisiana offer detox treatment for those suffering from an addiction to heroin. Detox is the first step in your treatment plan and requires staying on-site until the withdrawal symptoms are manageable. Withdrawal symptoms begin within eight hours and can last for several days or longer. The symptoms of withdrawal are often the most challenging part of overcoming an addiction to heroin and/or other opiates. The support you receive during detoxification can provide the support that you need to manage withdrawal symptoms successfully by minimizing discomfort and promoting healthy behaviors early in your rehab treatment plan.

Prescription Drug Addiction in Louisiana

Prescription drug abuse and addiction is becoming increasingly prevalent throughout the United States. Since prescription drugs are often received legally, it can be challenging to notice that you have an addiction until it has already spiraled out of your control. If you have found that it is difficult to stop taking narcotic prescription medications, even though you no longer have the medical symptoms that were present when you began taking these drugs, you should seek help from an addiction specialist. Prescription medications can be very addictive and cause many addicts to go to dangerous lengths to get their fix. Louisiana drug and alcohol treatment centers can help you end this habit before it has devastating effects.

About Louisiana Drug Rehab in Louisiana

Louisiana is located in the Southern part of the United States on the Gulf Coast. The state is well-known for its unique local cuisine and culture. Recently, over 25,000 people in Louisiana sought help for a drug or alcohol addiction in one year. While there is a slight decline in the overall number of people seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction within the state, there is a slight increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addictions to methamphetamine.

Marijuana addiction was the most common reason for rehab among those seeking treatment for drug and alcohol rehab programs, followed by treatment for prescription medicine addiction. Around seventy percent of people seeking addiction treatment in Louisiana were male and the remaining thirty percent female.

Where to Begin your Treatment in Louisiana

If you need help finding a solution for alcohol or drug addiction, contacting a treatment program today is your best option. Drug and alcohol rehab programs can provide confidential, compassionate care for people with an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Take control of your life and begin to rebuild relationships and careers that have been damaged by addiction today. Call us now and speak to an addiction specialist regarding your treatment options.