Maine Drug and Alcohol Treatment CentersMaine drug and alcohol treatment programs can provide you with guidance, knowledge, and support as you work toward recovering from substance abuse and addiction. An addiction specialist is standing by 24/7 to answer any questions you may have regarding rehabilitation. Begin your new sober lifestyle in Maine drug and alcohol treatment programs. Addiction does not have to control your life for one more day. The Maine Alliance for Addiction and Mental Health Services (AAMHS), provides resources for those who are seeking help to overcome addiction.

Alcohol Treatment

Seeking treatment from a professional alcohol rehab is one of the best strategies to long-term recovery from addiction. Alcohol addiction is a serious disease that can affect people of all ages and backgrounds. Some common signs that it is time to seek help for alcohol use includes needing to drink more than previously to feel the same effects of alcohol, hiding your drinking from friends and family and being unable to remember things, often referred to as blackouts, because of alcohol use. Accepting that you have an addiction is the first step to recovery.

During your treatment, you will work with professionals in the addiction treatment sector. Most drug facilities in Maine require you have a roommate to encourage positive encouragement toward a successful recovery. Alcohol addiction can be very serious to both your physical health and personal life, including your career and personal relationships. Taking steps now to stop addiction helps you begin healing these aspects of your life that have been damaged by addiction.

Drug Rehab

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in MaineAlcohol and drug rehab programs in Maine provide treatment for any kind of substance addiction. Treatment programs provide comprehensive, personalized counseling and alternative therapies based on the type of addiction you have. Some people may receive treatment for underlying physical health issues, while others receive treatment for mental disorders that contribute to addictive behavior patterns. Personalized care is important if you believe that you suffer from disorders, such as depression, that contributes to addiction.

Other types of drug treatment facilities teach you how to eliminate addiction using a twelve-step program. A twelve-step program works by teaching you how to change your current thinking patterns using a standard treatment plan that you will implement throughout your life. Long-term recovery begins by finding the drug treatment facilities that meet your personal needs best. You will find that both inpatient and outpatient programs are available for both drug and alcohol rehab.

Cocaine Rehab

Cocaine addiction can be treated in drug treatment facilities in Maine. Treatment can last from thirty to ninety days and often begins with a detox treatment that lasts for about seven days, depending on the severity of the addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Cocaine rehab can also be used in addition to Maine alcohol treatment plans for those with multiple addictions. Treatment for cocaine addiction is typically completed on an inpatient basis to help you focus on recovery and to remove you from familiar, and often tempting, situations where cocaine or other drugs may be present.

Heroin Detox Treatment

Heroin detox is a treatment option that allows you to achieve sobriety in a safe, comfortable environment. You will typically be in an inpatient drug treatment program that provides medical attention during detox. Addiction programs can provide treatment for the physical symptoms that often accompany reducing or stopping the use of heroin suddenly. Detox can lead to working through a twelve step program or attending sessions as an outpatient at local rehab facilities in Maine. Another option is to enter treatment through a non-twelve step Maine drug rehab.

Prescription Drug Addiction

Maine drug rehab offers you the chance to end addiction to prescription medications using inpatient and outpatient treatment options. You can talk to an intake counselor if you are not sure if you need help with an addiction to prescription drugs. Since addiction often occurs over a longer span of time and may stem from a legitimate medical need that has already been addressed, it is important to seek help if you suspect an addiction. Putting an end to addiction is a challenge that is made easier when you have a professional team of addiction experts ready to assist you in your journey to long-term recovery.

About Maine Alcohol Treatment and Drug Rehab

Alcohol and drug rehab programs in Maine treat over 14,000 people per year for drug and alcohol addiction. Of the people admitted to Maine alcohol treatment programs, over 2,500 also received treatment for another addiction. Over 4,000 people were treated for an addiction to prescription medications, while heroin and marijuana addictions accounted for about 1,000 people entering Maine drug treatment facilities. Heroin abuse and addiction is one of the fastest growing types of addictions in Maine.

Finding Treatment for Addiction

Maine drug and alcohol treatment programs offer comprehensive care for people suffering from drug and alcohol addictions. All care is confidential, allowing patients to feel secure about their personal information. Compassionate, expert care from drug addiction counselors allows you to regain control of both your private and professional life. Call us today and let us guide you to an appropriate Maine drug and alcohol treatment program. Let us help you find the key to a lasting recovery.