You have the opportunity to win money. For most people, this is a pretty exciting prospect. However, in gambling you also have the chance to lose money as well. For the majority of people that gamble the prospect of winning or losing is part of the game, and the amount of money they can potentially lose is limited by their means. However, others have an addiction to gambling where they must try to win regardless of whether they have the money to potentially lose. These people suffer from a gambling addiction.

Gambling addiction is known by many names, all of which are similar. It can be called compulsive gambling, gambling disorder or problem gambling. All of those are similar in that the person in question has an uncontrollable urge to gamble. They are so eager to gamble that they put gambling ahead of family, work, or other social elements, and they want to gamble whether they have money to gamble or not.

The good news is that help is available for people, and that gambling addiction can be controlled with the proper help. To learn more about addictions to gambling and the problems associated with this disorder, we have gathered a number of interesting resources. We hope this helps you or someone you know who may have a gambling addiction.