Drug and alcohol addiction is such a significant problem in our society that it touches most people. Many people are addicts themselves or care for someone who is suffering from an addiction. When faced with the reality of an addiction, it is easy to get overwhelmed, but do not despair: There is assistance available. You just need to know how to get help for addiction, and you can start by calling us.

Options for Addiction Help

Generally speaking, there are two main categories of addiction help: professional and non-professional. Non-professional recovery assistance involves an addict confiding in a close friend who might hold the addict accountable. More formal non-professional methods that provide help with drug addiction are 12-step programs such as Narcotics Anonymous. In these programs, assistance is provided in a private group setting where addicts can confess their struggles to one another and find community support for maintaining sobriety.

Professional treatment options for drug addiction include therapy administered by a skilled counselor and medically supervised detoxification. The most effective programs that provide lasting help with addiction will provide addiction recovery treatment that combines both of these tools and others. Professional rehabilitation programs also include follow-up services that match recovering addicts with support groups and provide other forms of assistance. Professional treatment can be administered on an outpatient basis, but many of these programs are offered at an inpatient treatment center that provides a highly structured and supportive environment for the patient.

Recovery at White Sands Treatment Center

At White Sands Treatment Center, we offer fully customized treatment for drug addiction. Our drug addiction help focuses on both chemical dependence and psychological conditions that can underlie an addiction. Under medically supervised treatment, we guide addicts as their bodies detox from the substance on which they have become dependent. Using prescription drugs and other tools, we strive to make you as comfortable as possible during detox. Your stay with us will also include individualized counseling. We emphasize dual-diagnosis treatment to discover and treat any mood disorders that may affect your addiction. Group and individual counseling sessions can provide help for drug addiction recovery by assisting you in developing better coping strategies for dealing with stressors instead of turning to drugs and alcohol.

Our counselors are here to make sure that you get drug addiction help quickly and affordably. We are located in Fort Myers and Tampa, Florida. We have experience working with most insurance providers to get addicts help with addiction through our individualized programs. You will also get a free clinical assessment so that we can evaluate your needs for treatment at White Sands. Call today or fill out the form for more information about how to start healing at White Sands.