Drug and alcohol addiction plagues the lives of millions of people every day. It devastates the lives of not just the addict, but anyone who deeply cares for them as well. Addiction can only lead down dark paths that can be very difficult to redirect from. This, amongst many reasons, is why it’s so important to engage yourself in quality Bonita Springs drug rehab programs if you’re struggling with an addiction and you currently reside within the Bonita Springs, Florida vicinity. 

Bonita Springs Drug Rehab Programs Can Help

Having a drug or alcohol addiction is usually an issue that people think they can deal with and overcome on their own. They may rationalize to themselves that the struggles they are having are all in their head and that they can quit at any time. They may also think that addiction is not a real illness and therefore does not need treatment to be properly dealt with. However, none of these things are actually true, and anyone that participates in the principals, activities, guidelines, etc. through Bonita Springs drug rehab programs can attest to this.

The truth of the matter is that addiction is a disease. If you live in Bonita Springs, Florida or anywhere else in Lee County, and you are struggling with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, then you have a choice to make. You can either continue on this path of self-destruction and misery, or you can make a change that can possibly save your life.

Think of your addiction like a heart condition or diabetes. You cannot just try to will those diseases away without taking the proper course of action. Similarly, thinking that you do not have an addiction when you do is not beneficial either. There are phenomenal drug and alcohol treatment programs in your area that can help you with your substance abuse problem. The Florida Department of Health, for instance, works to promote and improve the health of all Floridians through integrated state, county, and community efforts. To learn more about the services that the Florida Department of Health provides with respect to being a single state authority on substance abuse and mental health, click here.

Groups After Rehab

MeetingDay & TimeLocation
NAUnited Methodist ChurchFriday, 7:00 pmStill Here Group It Works Study, Non-Smoking27690 Shriver Avenue, Bonita Springs, FL 34135
AAPrimary Purpose 2Friday, 5:30 pmAlano Club20 Marco Lake Drive, Marco Island, FL 34145
AAEast TrailTuesday, 8:00 pmThe Willough9001 Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL 34113

AA Meetings in Bonita Springs

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is one of the more well-known and highly acclaimed addiction treatment programs for those with a drinking problem. Despite the severity of the alcoholism, anyone that is willing to make a change in regards to alcohol and has the motivation to maintain their sobriety is welcome to attend AA meetings. They usually get a sponsor after being engaged in the program for a certain amount of time.

An AA sponsor is someone who also regularly attends AA meetings, typically having a lengthy amount of sobriety time under their belt, helps their “sponsee” on working the 12 steps. 12-step programs like AA have been proven to work for so many people. If you gave yourself the chance, it can also work for you. For more info about AA and for a list of AA meetings in Bonita Springs, click here.

NA Meetings in Bonita Springs

Similar to that of AA, Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is also a 12-step program that has many of the same principals to that of AA. This program is for men and women for who drugs have become a major problem in their lives. They attend these meetings to improve themselves and their lives by never abusing drugs or any other addictive substances again.

The sponsorship aspects are the same as in AA, and anyone who is willing to make a change can attend. Even family members and friends may attend in support of their addicted loved one. Like AA, NA has helped so many people. To learn more about NA and for a listing of NA meetings in the Lee County area, click here.