Lake Mary, Florida is just a small inland suburbia with a moderate population of fewer than 15,000 people. Though it is small, it still suffers from addiction issues like any other community in America. Unfortunately, it is a sign of the times, when addiction is considered an inherent part of the community. The important thing is that cities, small and large, continue to build and maintain a strong support network and treatment programs. Equally important is to continually develop the tools necessary to maintain lifelong sobriety. Through various Lake Mary Drug Rehab programs, like that of Narcotics and Alcoholics Anonymous, you can achieve lifelong sobriety and the life that you deserve.

Lake Mary Drug Rehab Programs and Other Treatment Options

Addiction is awful on both the dependent and their loved ones. Addiction is an illness and simply put, can be defined as the physical and psychological dependence on a substance. It takes many forms, but commonly addiction can be equated with drugs and alcohol. Lake Mary, Florida like many other areas within the Seminole County areas attribute the same factors to the prevalence of addiction in a person. Factors include the social and environmental aspect in which a person is immersed, heredity and biological qualities, and of course the presence of mental health issues.

According to the Florida Department of Health in Seminole County, there are treatment options that pertain more so to taking action on the prescription drug addiction epidemic in Seminole County. Volunteer work is extremely encouraged during recovery at a drug and alcohol addiction treatment program. NA and AA, for instance, utilize this kind of work through their recovery process, as it helps to keep these individuals grounded and humble throughout their recovery. To learn more about the Seminole Prevention Coalition in strengthening the County’s future from drug and alcohol abuse, check out their website.

Groups After Rehab

MeetingDay & TimeLocation
AACLEAN AIRWednesday, 12:00 pmWILSHIRE PLAZA SUITE 109238 WILSHIRE BLVD, Casselberry, FL 32730
AAGREENHOUSE 2Monday, 6:00 pmGREENHOUSE990 LEWIS DR, Winter Park, FL 32789
NAUnited Methodist ChurchSunday, 7:00 pmSunday Skool Group Non-Smoking, Candlelight, Discussion/Participation, Speaker,125 North Interlachen Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32789

NA and AA Meetings in Lake Mary, Florida

Beating addiction is paramount in a dependent’s ability to return to live their full lives. Suffering from addiction is a full-time job, with users absconding from their responsibilities such as careers and family commitments. The effects are rippling, and reach the entire network of an addict; it does not just affect them.

Luckily Lake Mary, Florida has addiction treatment programs, like that of Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, to help those suffering from addiction recover properly. To view a list of NA and AA meetings in Lake Mary, or the greater Seminole County area, click here.