The moment you are aware of a substance abuse addiction of a family member, you should act right away. You should begin looking up a good rehab in Marco Island, Florida. A quality rehab can be located, such as various Marco Island Drug Rehab Programs, can help you to recover from your addiction.

Marco Island Drug Rehab Programs

You shouldn’t have to worry about how your loved one might refuse to go. Quality rehabs, such as various Marco Island Drug Rehab Programs, always have experts in professional intervention. It is their specific area of expertise to help reach addicts, and help them understand that treatment is essential.

Families often struggle with poor information, unfortunately. Many, for example, believe that addicts need to hit rock bottom before they become amenable to reason. Such incorrect information can come with serious consequences, however — the longer a person stays with an addiction, the worse their health gets. Addictive habits permanently damage the body and brain. If it is hard to believe that delays could be harmful, here are examples of how deep the problem can run.

Groups After Rehab

MeetingDay & TimeLocation
AAPrimary Purpose 3Wednesday, 8:00 pmAlano Club20 Marco Lake Drive, Marco Island, FL 34145
AAPrimary Purpose 4Thursday, 7:30 amAlano Club20 Marco Lake Drive, Marco Island, FL 34145
AAPrimary Purpose 6Saturday, 6:30 pmAlano Club20 Marco Lake Drive, Marco Island, FL 34145

Effects of Cocaine Use in Marco Island, Florida

  • A persistent cough: Extended cocaine abuse can come with a persistent cough. Such a cough can be more than an annoyance; it can cause complications to the pulmonary and upper respiratory systems. Such problems lead to lifelong chest pain and fatigue.
  • Poor heart health: Among chronic cocaine users, the heart tends to suffer from abnormal flow patterns. This often leads to myocardial infarction, endocarditis, cardiomyopathy, and a number of other complications.
  • Poor brain health: Cocaine use causes premature brain shrinkage, an effect normally seen only in old age. There is gray matter loss that results in a decline in cognitive abilities as well. There is excellent cocaine addiction rehab available from Marco Island drug rehab programs in Florida.

When Methamphetamine Are Used:

  • Brain scars: Chronic meth use is capable of destroying dopamine receptors in the brain’s pleasure center, making it impossible for users to experience normal feelings of pleasure. While these grow back somewhat over time, the brain never actually returns to normal. The brain retains scars.
  • Poor cognitive ability: While the brain does grow back some of its ability to feel pleasure, cognitive abilities, once they decline, never come back. Severe memory and judgment impairments persist.
  • Self-damage: Meth users tend to suffer from a condition known as formication, a hallucination involving a feeling of crawling insects under the skin. When high, addicts can cause serious damage to themselves scratching themselves to get at these imaginary insects.

The Effects of Alcohol Abuse:

  • Korsakoff’s syndrome: This condition occurs in chronic alcoholism through severe disruption of the brain’s chemical balance. It causes long-term damage to the motor skills.
  • Poor heart health: Chronic alcohol use is known to thin and weaken the heart muscle, and cause poor efficiency. This leads to a number of health complications over time.
  • Strokes: Severe alcohol use can raise a person’s risk of stroke by 34%.
  • Liver damage: This is one of the most widely known effects of alcoholism. Liver damage appears in the form of the alcoholic fatty liver disease and cirrhosis conditions.

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Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Marco Island

You may find many rehabs promising excellent results, but you need to do your research to find ones that really deliver. Searching for accredited rehabs in Marco Island, Florida, can offer great results.

For Alcoholics or others with a history of trouble with alcohol, Alcoholics Anonymous creates an environment where members can speak freely about their problems to a confidential group. The twelve steps is a process commonly used by Alcoholics Anonymous to give members small goals to work toward while reaching their final goal of becoming free from addiction. For AA schedules, click here.

Narcotics Anonymous Meetings in Marco Island

Like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous appeals to those who wish to overcome addiction but for a more generalized substance abusing audience. If you or someone you know is struggling with any form of substance, there are meetings in Marco Island to help resolve the underlying issues that promote addiction. For schedules of Narcotics Anonymous, click here.