When treatment for substance abuse is successfully completed, recovering addicts tend to confront a serious challenge. This challenge is maintaining their hold on the sobriety that they’ve achieved, especially in the face of the emotional ups and downs that they endure in regular life. To a recovering addict, challenges come in the form of high levels of stress, emotional instability, and temptations. This is where relapse prevention techniques come in, as it is one of the most important parts of any drug rehab program. If you’re looking for a high-quality rehab experience in Miami, Florida, or a city within all of Miami-Dade county, checking out the quality of the relapse prevention program offered by drug rehab programs can be an excellent option. Various Miami Drug and Alcohol Rehab programs can help you overcome your addiction through these proven relapse prevention techniques.

Miami Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs

Recovering addicts are in need of much more than just treatment at an addiction treatment center. It oftentimes takes a drug and alcohol rehab program, like those offered by the Miami-Dade Community Action and Human Services Department. In these programs, those suffering from addiction receive the help that they need through various outreach community efforts.

These Miami drug and alcohol rehab problems help those struggling with addiction through various substance abuse assessments, residential treatment programs, and even specialized transitional programs offered to the homeless. To learn more about the services provided by the Community Action and Human Services Department of Miami-Dade County, click here.

Groups After Rehab

MeetingDay & TimeLocation
NABack on TrackThursday, 10:00 amFirst Things First Group Beginner/Newcomer,20377 Northeast 15th Court, Miami, FL 33179
AABack On Track 2Monday, 11:00 am20377 N.E. 15th Court20377 N.E. 15th Court, Miami, FL 33162
AABack On Track 3Tuesday, 12:15 pm20377 N.E. 15th Court20377 N.E. 15th Court, Miami, FL 33162

NA Meetings in Miami, Florida

A deeper level of change is often needed as well. Many people who turn to addiction do so in response to the presence of psychological difficulties. A tendency to excessive guilt or shame, a tendency to self-blame, to anger, or instant gratification, can wreak havoc with the ability of a person to function in a normal fashion. These difficulties can make life so impossible that they often resort to drugs.

This, amongst many other reasons, is why attending drug rehab programs like Narcotics Anonymous (NA) may be invaluable to someone’s recovery. In these meetings, addicts will learn how to build coping skills to help them recover from their addictions for the long term. To learn more about NA and what meetings are taken place nearest you, click here.

AA Meetings in Miami, Florida

Various Miami Drug and Alcohol Rehab programs can assist you in overcoming your addiction. One of the more well-known Miami drug and alcohol rehab programs available is within the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. In these meetings, people from all around come together in unison to practice the set of principals addressed within the 12-steps.

AA has helped many men and women struggling with alcoholism find recovery. If you are addicted to alcohol and are in need of a drug rehab program in Miami, then attending AA meetings may work for you. To learn more about the fellowship and what they teach in the 12-steps, click here.