Addiction is a chronic disease and can last a long time. In most cases, once addiction sets in, it is potentially a lifelong condition. This means that no matter how long one manages to stay away from substance abuse, the cravings can always resurface. Relapse, the condition where a substance abuse addict returns to the habit after a period of non-use, is a serious possibility with every addiction. If you’re in Mount Dora, Florida, relapse prevention is something that you need to plan for when looking for rehab. Luckily for those suffering from addiction, there are a number of reputable Mount Dora Drug Rehab Programs and rehabs within its geographical vicinity to help. 

Mount Dora Drug Rehab Programs Anticipating Relapse

Relapse is a common occurrence in many chronic conditions, including hypertension, diabetes, and asthma, and it happens in close to 60% of all cases.

Knowing how common relapse is in other conditions can help put it in perspective that the recorded rate of relapse is no different for addiction. It can help recovering addicts prepare, and take a greater amount of care, as well. Addicts can see that relapse, when it occurs, is not a failure, it is only a setback on the way to success.

Relapse prevention is an integral part of any well-designed addiction rehab program. If you’re looking for reputable Mount Dora Drug Rehab Programs, the official Florida Department of Health is a good way to learn about its effectiveness.

Groups After Rehab

MeetingDay & TimeLocation
AAGREENHOUSE 3Friday, 8:00 pmGREENHOUSE990 LEWIS DR, Winter Park, FL 32789
NAUnited Methodist ChurchTuesday, 7:30 pmRecovery Matters Group Non-Smoking, Discussion/Participation125 North Interlachen Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32789

Trigger Avoidance and Mount Dora Communities – NA/AA Fellowship

Relapse prevention includes many steps. It may involve seeking regular psychiatric care to address mental disorders and it may involve intensive therapeutic intervention to address psychological deficiencies. Many patients are found to turn to addiction for reasons of inadequate or incorrect psychological growth. Such shortcomings can manifest in the form of anger issues, distortions in self-image, or inability to form relationships.

Such difficulties tend to cause a great deal of personal pain and to lead to a life of substance abuse. This is one of the many reasons why seeking professional treatment at any various Mount Dora Drug Rehab Programs within its vicinity, for one’s addiction is a necessity.

The patient works together with the addiction treatment therapist to identify types of action that capable of setting off or triggering cravings for drugs. Intense stress and emotion are two of the most potent triggers. In trigger avoidance therapy for stress and emotion, recovering addicts learn new ways in which to live their lives, ways by which they might avoid these challenges. Trigger avoidance can be a very effective way to avoid relapse.

There are meetings for those in Mount Dora looking to receive support. For Narcotics Anonymous, schedules can be found here. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings can also be found here. If you’re in Mount Dora, Florida, and find it a huge challenge knowing which way to head for quality treatment, it’s important to know that treating addiction isn’t actually hard. All you need it the right motivation, dedication, and desire to get better. With the right support system available through those that attend NA and AA meetings, you can learn to foster trusting relationships and mend broken ones that are important to you.