Most people struggling with an addiction simply do not understand how complex and difficult recovery can be. Addiction is a mental disorder and as with such conditions, treatment takes time. Recovery alone is a lifelong process, in which it involves not just abstaining from drugs and alcohol, but improving every aspect of one’s life. Caring staff at state-mandated Niceville drug rehab programs, well as those engaged in other treatment programs within the Okaloosa County understand this ideology completely. This, amongst a number of reasons, why seeking local help to your treat drug and alcohol addiction is so paramount, as you cannot recover on your own. Luckily, you don’t have to go at this alone.

Niceville Drug Rehab Programs and Local Help is Available For You

There are many different high-acclaimed Niceville drug rehab programs available to Niceville, Florida residents. In fact, there are drug rehab programs available to anyone in need of local help within the entire Okaloosa County. Drug treatment programs like NA and AA, for instance, have helped many people maintain their sobriety and move on to live happy, healthy, and productive lives.

There are also highly reputable state-mandated drug treatment programs available to all Florida residents. The Florida Department of Health offers a wide variety of different treatment options for all Florida residents. To learn more about the services that the FDH provides with respect to their efforts in putting an end to substance abuse related issues plaguing the Florida communities, click here.

Groups After Rehab

MeetingDay & TimeLocation
NAUnited Methodist Church ChapelTuesday, 7:00 pmGratitude Group101 Nightingale Lane, Gulf Breeze, FL 32561
AANavarre Fellowship GroupFriday, 12:00 pmSt Sylvester Catholic Church6464 Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Gulf Breeze, FL 32563
AA12 & 12 Discussion MeetingFriday, 8:00 pmMain St. United ChurchMilton, 32570, Milton, FL 32570

AA Meetings in Niceville, Florida

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) is a 12-step program that helps alcoholics maintain their sobriety through both regular meeting attendance and by practicing the principals of the 12 steps. By properly working the steps and really maintaining the motivation to maintain one’s recovery, they will succeed.

These meetings are great for learning how to develop coping skills, make moral inventories to achieve a higher sense of self-honesty, and make amends to anyone that they’ve hurt/have hurt them in the past. AA is a phenomenal program and has helped so many people in so many wonderful ways. It can help you too if you gave it a chance. For a list of AA meetings in Niceville, and all throughout Okaloosa County, click here.

NA Meetings in Niceville, Florida

Like AA, NA (Narcotics Anonymous) follows the same set of principals and follows a 12-step program model. The main difference is that NA focuses not just not alcoholism, but all addictions of all illegal addictive substances.

NA attendees build relationships with fellow NA members, follow the 12 steps (typically with an NA sponsor that has more years of experience with practicing the steps), and can even obtain a spiritual awakening as a result of properly working the steps. These types of programs have been proven to work, as they’ve helped so many people achieve sobriety. For a list of NA meetings in Niceville and all of Okaloosa County, click here.