Drugs act on parts of the brain that specifically deal with deep emotional attachment. It is this quality of the way drugs work that makes it very hard for addicts to admit to themselves that they have a problem, and to commit to getting better. Any person addicted to drugs, which is able to think clearly enough to see the problem, has something to be proud of. It’s only the first step towards sobriety, however. It can still be hard to actually go to rehab, especially when the entire rehab process may seem like a mystery, as it tends to be for many. If you’re in a well-served town such as North Miami Beach, Florida you should consider seeking out reputable North Miami Beach Drug Rehab programs, like that of AA or NA 12-step programs, to help guide you on a journey towards recovery.

North Miami Beach Drug Rehab Programs Can Help

Addiction is a mental disorder and rehab helps you by applying the latest in medical research to the condition. As with any mental disorder, treatment requires close individual evaluation and assessment, and the application of specialized treatment tailored to the specific needs of the patient.

Specialists assess the specific kinds of ways in which addiction has affected the patient, determine the patient’s health, the existence of mental and physical ailments, and come up tailored care plans. There are several North Miami Beach Drug Rehab programs that can help you successfully overcome your addiction. Such programs include those found in the Miami-Dade Community Action and Human Services programs for addiction treatment counseling and rehabilitation.

These state-mandated programs offer a number of programs that help those suffering from substance abuse in the community. To learn more about how they can help through their many efforts, click here.

Groups After Rehab

MeetingDay & TimeLocation
AALibertadFriday, 5:30 pmRichard E. Gerstein Justice Building1351 NW 12th Street, Miami, FL 33125
NACamillus House S.R.O.Thursday, 10:00 amEarly Morning Recovery Group Just For Today Study2136 Northwest 8th Avenue, Miami, FL 33127
AAAmistadWednesday, 8:00 pm2512 NE 2nd Ave.2512 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137

NA Meetings in North Miami Beach

North Miami Beach drug rehab programs, like Narcotics Anonymous (NA), has helped many people suffering from drug addiction to achieve lifelong sobriety. In these meetings, a group of like-minded individuals shares the common goal of living a sober lifestyle.

The attendees of these meetings practice the 12 steps of NA, which relate mainly to admitting to oneself over the powerlessness that they have over alcohol and how to plan to maintain their sobriety for the rest of their lives. If you’re interested in NA and feel as it may be right for you, check out these meeting listings here: North Dade and South Dade meetings.

AA Meetings in North Miami Beach

AA is one of the most recognized and well-respected alcohol addiction treatment programs in the nation, and even across the world. The 12-steps of AA have helped so many people struggling with alcoholism to find sobriety and maintain it for their lifetime.

If you gave yourself a chance to make a longlasting change, one that could possibly even save your life, then you shouldn’t hesitate for one minute. Help is available to you. To learn more about AA and if it might be the right fellowship for you, then check out their meetings listings here.