If you have tried again and again to kick the habit of substance abuse without success, you are not alone. The truth is, most people cannot stop using an addictive substance, such as drugs and alcohol, without some sort of professional and emotional guidance and support. That is why compassionate and confidential local resources in Palm Bay, Florida can assist you in obtaining sobriety. Substance abuse organizations in Brevard County, Florida, such as the Florida Health Department, are dedicated to making resources available to those who are seeking help. With the help of Palm Bay Drug Rehab Programs, addicts can obtain sobriety in a safe and effective way.

Brevard County Substance Abuse Programs

Programs for substance abuse, as well as substance abuse meetings and groups, provides addicts with their best and surest chance for recovery. N.A. and A.A. meetings in Brevard County can help those who want to achieve life-long sobriety. Palm Bay, Florida has a host of program and meeting options that are available to any addict who is ready to change their lives around for the better. Click here to view a list of substance abuse programs in Palm Bay including times and dates that can help you achieve recovery.

Groups After Rehab

MeetingDay & TimeLocation
NAPalm Bay United Methodist ChurchSunday, 7:00 pmPrincipals Before Person... Group2100 Port Malabar Road, Palm Bay, FL 32905
AASebastian FreedomTuesday, 8:00 pmSebastian Methodist Church1029 main Street, Sebastian, FL 32958
AASundownersThursday, 5:00 pmUnited Church of Sebastan1251 Sebastian Blvd, Sebastian, FL 32958

A.A. Meetings in Palm Bay, Florida

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are a great way for like-minded addicts to get together and seek to counsel. There are many A.A. meetings and sessions available in Palm Bay, Florida for those who are looking for recovery from the strangle of alcohol abuse. Click here to locate an A.A. meeting in the Brevard County area and begin seeking help today. Many meetings are available for you to attend even if you don’t have a membership, making it easy to fit into your schedule.

N.A. Meetings in Palm Bay, Florida

Palm Bay, Florida has countless N.A. meeting options available. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend these confidential, non-judgemental meetings.  The programs come in all types, from discussion meetings to closed meetings, ‘young people’s group’ to LGBT; everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend these programs. Click here to locate an N.A. meeting that is in Brevard County.

Once you make the decision to begin in Palm Bay Drug Rehab Programs or decide to attend a recovery meeting, you are already halfway toward achieving sobriety. Don’t allow drugs and alcohol to take over your life any longer. Get the help of a treatment program today and start leading a life that is worth living.