If the idea entering a drug and alcohol rehab program scares you silly, you’re certainly not alone. Many people associate drug and alcohol rehab programs with embarrassment and shame. It doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, drug and alcohol rehab programs in Palmetto Bay, Florida can be quite the life-changing experience. There are several Palmetto Bay Drug Rehab Programs that help those struggling with addiction find solace in knowing that they’re not alone in this fight against addiction. 

Alcoholism and drug addiction are real medical conditions that can affect virtually anyone. Though they are chronic conditions, they can be successfully treated with a number of qualified Palmetto Bay Drug Rehab Programs.

Alcohol is legal and socially acceptable in the Sunshine State, and this may make it all that much easier for someone to become dependent. If you stop by a local watering hole on the way home from the office every day, and it causes you physical discomfort if you miss a day of drinking or drugging, you might want to consider entering a drug and alcohol rehab program.

Local Palmetto Bay Drug Rehab Programs Can Help

There are other Palmetto Bay drug rehab programs to choose from aside from solely attending NA and AA meetings on a regular basis. There are also counseling and rehabilitation services provided by the Miami-Dade Community Action and Human Services Department. They provide community outreach programs relating to substance abuse issues in the community and how to help those in need. To learn more about the services that they provide in these programs, click here.

With the right program, you can learn to live without drugs and alcohol. Palmetto Bay drug rehab programs, and programs in the surrounding Miami-Dade areas are focused on you and helping you recover from the many dangers drug and alcohol addictions pose.

You’ll begin meeting others that are struggling with the same issues, and you’ll be able to talk about your problems in a safe, anonymous setting. To learn more about other drug rehab programs that can help, check out the services provided by the Miami-Dade Community Action and Human Services Department.

Groups After Rehab

MeetingDay & TimeLocation
AACentralWednesday, 5:30 pm10382 W. Flagler St.10382 W. Flagler St, Miami, FL 33172
AACentralThursday, 5:30 pm10382 W. Flagler St.10382 W. Flagler St, Miami, FL 33172
NAOur RoomsMonday, 6:00 pmHappy Hour Group Discussion/Participation, Non-Smoking, Speaker3925 Southwest 82nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33155

AA Meetings in Palmetto Bay

Alcohol addiction is not always obvious. Not all people who are addicted act irrationally or experience blackouts. Sooner or later, those and other traits may become evident, however. When someone over-drinks or drinks by themselves, odds are they can’t ever drink like a ‘normal’ person. Alcohol abuse is not always a sign of alcoholism, but it can lead directly to it. Alcohol abuse can ruin relationships at home, school, and work.

If you are ready to be done with drinking, there are a large number of reputable Palmetto Bay Drug Rehab programs available to help. You won’t be judged by your fellow AA members, and you can make all of the steps necessary to maintain sobriety and live a life no longer controlled by alcoholism. To find local AA meetings in your area, click here.

NA Meetings in Palmetto Bay

Palmetto Bay drug rehab programs, like NA, focuses on a deeper healing of the mind and body, in which it involves seeking a higher power to help lift the burdens that addiction has caused you in the past. Within the readings associated with the 12-steps of NA, it is widely discussed that the importance of building coping mechanisms is essential towards one’s recovery. Without coping skills, an addict will never truly be able to recover the proper way and will ultimately relapse.

Click one of these references to learn more about NA and meetings in your area: North Dade and South Dade  NA meetings.