If you are thinking about getting rid of a bad drug and alcohol abuse habit, you might be wondering what happens at a program for drug and alcohol treatment in Port Orange, Florida. While everyone’s experience is uniquely their own, there are some aspects of these programs that are typical of most people who are in need for help in kicking their drug and alcohol abuse habit. Reputable Port Orange Drug Rehab Programs can help those struggling with addiction achieve lifelong sobriety with the right treatment method and a positive attitude.

Port Orange Drug Rehab Programs and Local Addiction Treatment Help

There are several Port Orange drug rehab programs available to the public, that are both free and open to all who wish to achieve sobriety. Of course, quitting the abuse of drugs or alcohol is difficult. There is no question about this fact. Having said that, it has been known that maintaining sobriety is the most difficult part.

Without the daily utilization of coping mechanisms, one will eventually relapse just to numb the pain of whatever is plaguing them in that moment. Addicts and alcoholics alike typically resort to addictive substances when presented with an undesirable situation. They would rather just numb themselves rather than having to face their problems head-on.

Luckily for these individuals that reside in Port Orange, Florida or another city within the nearby areas of Volusia County, there are fantastic Port Orange drug rehab programs to help. There are 12-step programs like NA and AA to help them maintain sobriety through compassionate care and support from fellow AA and NA members, as well as state-mandated treatment options provided by the Florida Department of Health. To learn more about the Florida Department of Health and their efforts with respect to substance abuse issues in the state of Florida, click here.

Groups After Rehab

MeetingDay & TimeLocation
NAReality HouseFriday, 7:00 pmGrupo Latinos Unidos en Recuperacion Discussion/Participation1341 Indian lake Road, Daytona Beach, FL 32124
AADonut Group Open DiscussionSaturday, 5:00 pmFirst United Methodist Church305 Dunlawton Avenue, Daytona Beach, FL 32127
AAVictor E Club - Open Door GroupFriday, 8:00 pmDeland, Florida1320 E New York Ave, Deland, FL 32724

AA Meetings in Port Orange, Florida

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) is a non-profit fellowship of people that join in unison at AA meetings to help each other stay sober. Though regular attendance, abstaining from alcohol intake, and properly practicing the guidelines of the 12-steps of the AA program, recovering alcoholics are making the necessary steps to achieve sobriety for the lifetime.

The set of principals listed in the 12 steps of AA are easy to follow, though they take a lot of self-honesty, hard work, and dedication with respect to working the steps the proper way. Unless an alcoholic is 100% motivated in remaining sober and achieve lifelong sobriety, relapse is inevitable and it can cause them to lose all hope of ever getting better. AA has helped many people achieve sobriety and it can help you. too. For a list of AA meetings in your area in Volusia County, click here.

NA Meetings in Port Orange, Florida

NA (Narcotics Anonymous) is very similar to that of AA in the sense that it also is a 12-step program that has a guided set of principals practiced for the sole reason of maintaining sobriety for the lifetime. People that attend NA meetings are making the proper steps in order to improve themselves in all aspects of their lives, not just in recovery.

Recovery is a lifelong process that involves admitting to oneself that they are powerless over addictive substances and that they only make their lives unmanageable. In order to maintain one’s sobriety from drug and alcohol addiction, they must maintain the motivation, open-minded, and willingness to change for the better. To learn more about NA and for a list of NA meetings in Volusia County, click here.