Although St. Augustine, Florida, may be known for its picturesque beauty, residents and visitors can suffer from the same vices as other cities in the state. The city has been subject to an increasing number of drug-related arrests and overdose incidences than when compared with previous years. According to an article in The St. Augustine Record, police and hospitals are reporting a greater incidence of heroin abuse as well as IV drug use in general, including methamphetamine. This, along with many reasons, is why seeking professional treatment for one’s addiction is a necessity. Luckily for those suffering from addiction, there are various St. Augustine Drug Rehab Programs that may help.

The increase in availability and subsequent greater numbers of those addicted to these and other drugs mean that it’s very important a person seek drug rehabilitation treatment when they struggle with addiction. From the greater Fort Myers area to St. Augustine, Florida wherever a person struggles with addiction, they should seek professional treatment. Different reputable St. Augustine Drug Rehab Programs, as well as various ones throughout the country, can tailor-make a treatment program just for you.

How Drug Treatment In St. Augustine, Florida, Helps

Drug rehabilitation in St. Augustine, Florida, provides a safe and secure place for a person to detoxify from drugs and/or alcohol. If possible, they can take medications to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms that can include difficulty sleeping, nausea, and anxiety. A drug rehabilitation facility’s staff can then help a person start to rebuild their lives, including learning relapse prevention behaviors that a person can use when they are ready to return home or to a sober-living facility.

Seeking drug treatment in St. Augustine, Florida, means that a person has a team of medical professionals on their side to encourage them to see the process of detoxing through to the finish. So often a person is very close to being through the worst of the detox symptoms but may give up because they don’t know how close they actually are. Click here to read more about addiction treatment options and to learn more about commonly abused drugs.

Groups After Rehab

MeetingDay & TimeLocation
AARule 62Thursday, 5:30 pmAA Building119 Spring Street, Jacksonville, FL 32254
NAChrist Church of PeaceTuesday, 8:00 pmDesire For Change Group1240 McDuff Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32205
AATrinity GroupMonday, 8:00 pmJacksonville Men s Group3889 Eloise Jacksonville, 32205, Jacksonville, FL 32205

St. Augustine Drug Rehab Programs and Alcoholics Anonymous

In addition to services that include one-on-one counseling and group therapies, a person can also take advantage of therapies that teach a person positive ways to relieve stress. These include restorative yoga, art therapy, and music therapy. By developing positive coping habits, a person is less likely to turn to drugs and/or alcohol to help them “feel” better.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a group of goal-oriented persons seeking recovery from alcohol troubles. The twelve steps is a process commonly used to guide people to resolve their underlying issues that produce a dependence on a substance. For meeting schedules click here.

Narcotics Anonymous Drug Rehab Programs in St. Augustine

Statewide reports in Florida for 2015 indicate that heroin-related deaths have increased by 114.8 percent, which is the equivalent to 171 people in Florida dying from deadly overdoses. No other resident of St. Augustine should have to go through this. Seeking rehabilitation treatment as soon as possible can truly be a life-saving pursuit. Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is available in St. Augustine, Florida, to serve the city’s residents. Like Alcoholics Anonymous, there are meetings for less specific substance abuse through Narcotics Anonymous. Their meetings can be found here.