After Drug Addiction Rehab

Life After Drug Addiction

Life after drug addiction may feel uncertain, but after rehab, patients emerge with an arsenal of tools and strategies that will help them stay sober. An inpatient drug treatment center can address addiction and the underlying reasons for these behaviors to help patients make healthier decisions. After successfully completing the treatment, patients must return to their lives to navigate personal and professional activities and relationships. We don’t promise that the time after drug rehab will be easy, but we do promise to help you through every step of the transition.

WhiteSands Treatment is an addiction treatment facility in Fort Myers, Florida. We offer high-quality inpatient rehabilitation for patients struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction.   We also specialize in a dual-diagnosis approach that addresses addiction and other health issues such as mental illness. Our team of physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, and counselors reaches out to every patient with a free assessment to determine the best course of treatment. We will customize a treatment plan to fit every client, and the plan can include safe medical detox and therapy at our private and accredited facility. Our treatment plans and referral partners accept most private insurance plans in many states.

After drug rehab, patients must anticipate the need to continue to work on many of their addiction issues. After leaving an inpatient facility, you will face potentially difficult situations with family, friends, acquaintances, and coworkers. Some of these situations could present triggers that tempt you to cope negatively by using drugs or alcohol. Having explored your triggers during treatment counseling, you will have learned strategies and methods that you can use to cope positively instead of negatively.

The professional team at WhiteSands Treatment also urges patients to participate in aftercare programs. These programs give patients a chance to examine their feelings about work and family issues. The follow-up appointments are instrumental in helping clients manage potential relapse triggers that could lead to trouble. One type of after-care program that many patients benefit from is the support group. These groups of peers give and receive support from each other, with everyone striving for the common goal of sobriety. Although daily life can be hectic, it’s crucial for patients to make time for aftercare programs during recovery.

When it’s time to get sober, call us or fill out the form on our website to get help. We will reach out to you with the best solution to fit your situation. Our individualized approach promises to address your needs, ensuring the successful completion of our treatment program. We welcome the loved ones of our patients as well, knowing that family and friends often have questions and concerns about the rehab process. Stop suffering and get help to overcome an addiction at WhiteSands Treatment Center. There is life after drug addiction.