Even after recognizing they have a problem, some people don’t pursue the help they need. For some, the need for assistance isn’t great enough. But for others, the cost of treatment can be a deterrent to getting the customized care necessary to be successful. Before making a final decision, consider the possibilities that grants for rehab centers may be available.

 WhiteSands Treatment Center Cost-Effective Options

At WhiteSands Treatment Center, we understand that you need cost-effective options that will ensure that help is within your reach. We can work with your insurance company to find out about your coverage and even arrange for pre-authorization to get the process started. Call today to find out how much your insurance company will cover and what services are available to you. Even if you don’t have insurance, there may be grants for drug rehab that you can apply for.

Unfortunately, a life surrounded by addiction often leaves addicts in difficult financial situations. Making decisions based on the need for a drug and not what is best for the person is common. This can lead to job loss or all of a person’s cash being used to feed the habit. Because of this, grants for substance abuse treatment can be a real lifesaver. They give addicts access to quality care and addiction recovery services.

The Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant is one example of grants for rehab that can have a real impact on the lives of addicts. While many individuals will apply for this grant, certain populations will have priority, including substance-abusing pregnant women, women with children who depend on them, and IV drug users. With the help of professionals, these individuals as well as others struggling with substance abuse are able to gain access to a safe way to get sober and begin the healing process.

There are several reasons why grants for rehab centers may be available. Most people only look at their personal cost when it comes time for detox or rehabilitation. But there is an overall cost for everyone that comes with drug abuse. This includes increases in crime, an increased death rate for users, and the expense of other health concerns that are associated with substance abuse. In some ways, grants for substance abuse treatment are an investment. They look to prevent some of the future expenses that could arise due to drug and alcohol abuse.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, addiction treatment is worth the cost. They note that treatment for addicts is much less expensive than it can be to incarcerate a person for an extended amount of time. Expenses that add up through the criminal justice system are also decreased when individuals have an opportunity to check into a facility specializing in rehab and recovery. Counseling and family therapy can have a huge impact on the lives of addicts, family members, and the overall community.

Instead of asking if you can afford treatment, consider asking yourself if you can afford not to go to treatment. Regardless of whether or not you want to look into rehab grants, fill out our form to learn more about addiction treatment at WhiteSands. We have a number of services that can make it possible for you to get the help you need. Consider the cost of rehab as an investment in your future and the lives of those around you who are ready for a change.