Support for Family Members of Drug Addicts and Alcoholics

Living with an addict or an alcoholic can be heartbreaking and challenging. You’re working to balance your own life and responsibilities while still struggling with the issues that your loved one is creating. At times, you may not even have anything left to say to the addict who is in denial. You may be find yourself wondering, “Is there a support group for families of drug addicts?”

A support group for alcoholic family members offers a great place to talk with others who may be going through a similar experience. But while these groups offer a place to share information, they do not often provide much opportunity to learn or understand what is going through the mind of a person struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Because of this, family therapy is often recommended.

Unlike support groups for family members of drug addicts, family counseling at WhiteSands Treatment Center is overseen by board-certified personnel. In this setting, everyone is given a safe place to voice their concerns, share their feelings, and gain some perspective. Many times, addicts and their family members need to gain a better understanding of how the other person is seeing things. A lot of fears and misunderstandings can be addressed in this type of setting.

Education is also a key factor in family counseling. It’s important that individuals understand more about substance abuse and the options for treatment. In order to get sober, clients will go through several steps as they begin to change their life and change their priorities. At the same time, addicts and their families can learn new skills that will help them continue on toward recovery even after inpatient treatment is complete.

Substance abuse doesn’t just impact the addict. Instead, their family members are also subject to the consequences that come with this lifestyle. Sometimes, they can no longer depend on a person because they have put alcohol in front of all other commitments. Sometimes, it seems that they consistently choose drugs over family. Substance abuse has an impact on everyone in the family, and that’s one of the reasons why so many people look for a support group for alcoholic family members.

If you been asking yourself, “Is there a support group for families of drug addicts?” we can offer you something more. WhiteSands Treatment Center understands the challenges that families face and offers family therapy and counseling for those who have been affected by alcoholism or drug abuse. We can assist you in learning ways that friends and family members can help someone battling addiction. Meanwhile, WhiteSands can care for your loved one, providing all of the services needed to help them get back on the right path.

At WhiteSands Treatment Center, our customized programs cater to the needs of each person, helping to provide treatments that will be most beneficial in achieving addiction recovery. Clients in our programs can count on more than just detox and rehabilitation: We treat the entire patient, including dual-diagnosis situations, to ensure that clients get everything they need to be successful.

If you’re looking for support groups for family members of drug addicts, what you really need might be a more comprehensive approach. Call today or fill out the form to take the first steps toward mending your family and your relationships with us.