Benefits of Spiritual Rehab Centers in Tampa: Calling on a Higher Power in Addiction Recovery

Ever since humans first began to wrestle with addiction, people have turned to prayer and meditation to help them sort through the feelings driving these actions. While these early methods failed to address the genetic and environmental components that facilitate addiction, they spoke to our constant need to improve ourselves and our awareness of the world we live in. Today, spiritual rehab centers in Tampa combine the latest in scientific knowledge with an emphasis on understanding one’s own heart, mind, and body. This combination can give patients a greater chance of staying sober and achieving a successful recovery, but as with any addiction treatment program, the approach must be customized to the unique needs of the individual.

What Is a Spiritual Rehab?

A spiritual rehab is a rehabilitation facility with a focus on cultivating the spirit. It should include most of the components of a traditional rehab, such as the capability to perform a medically assisted detox and provide individualized counseling, but it will also include aspects not usually found in mainstream programs. These aspects can take the form of organized prayer, guided meditation, or Ayurvedic medicine. Each facility will offer different things based on its approach to or specialization in a particular form of spirituality, but all will provide a means to address the past suffering and future healing of the soul.

Not Religious? Spiritual Rehab Can Still Work

A 2016 poll by the Pew Research Center showed that 64% of Americans reported feeling a sense of spiritual peace or well-being at least once a week, including 40% of individuals who were unaffiliated with any traditional religious group. You don’t have to be religious to be spiritual, and you don’t have to be spiritual to derive immense benefits from rehab. There is no obligation to commit to a religion or a method of belief. All that spiritual rehabs require is a willingness to explore your innermost self, a natural step included in most recovery programs.

Is a Spiritual Rehab Right for You?

If you are already religious or spiritual, a rehab focusing on the same values may be an easy choice. However, if you’re newly spiritual or if you’re not sure if you have any interest in the spiritual, it may be of greater benefit to focus on what the rehab offers in terms of programming, such as whether a facility has inpatient programs, outpatient treatment options, or both. You’ll need to find the intensity of treatment that’s right for your situation, and you’ll also need to find a program with addiction counseling offered by highly skilled individuals. If the spiritual component is a supplement to rather than a foundation of the core programming, you should be able to neatly settle into a personalized program that works for you.

How to Find Spiritual Rehab Centers in Tampa

There are plenty of rehab options in the Tampa Bay area, but if you’re looking for the best match for you, it may help to get a free clinical assessment and determine the basics of the care you’ll require. If you have health concerns, make sure that the facility includes board-certified doctors, nurses, and psychiatrists on their staff, like Tampa Drug Treatment Center, does. If you have a concurrent disorder, such as PTSD, you’ll also want to make sure that the facility offers a dual-diagnosis approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

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