Before I got into treatment my issues with anxiety only improved when I used drugs and alcohol, I got high just to be able to live. After years of pain and frustration I felt like my life had passed me by and left me behind, I just had no will to go on. I had gotten in a lot of trouble with the law and seemed I couldn’t do anything but fail. I just wanted to quit life. But during that month at White Sands I finally had doctors who cared enough to help me sort out my anxiety and showed me that maybe there was a better solution to my problems, and that not all of my problems were my own fault, but many were because of my untreated mental disorders. Now I have a regular therapist that I see once a week and I feel like my life is on track for the first time. I actually have gotten so much out of outpatient right after being in the inpatient program and I suggest it highly to anyone who needs help helping themselves out of the desperate situations and chaos their addiction caused.

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