My son, who was in rehab at your facility, has begun to live. You may not confirm nor deny he is there- LOL. My heart is so full of joy for him ? when he decided to go he was very sick. He?s a recovering addict/alcoholic along with that he learned how to hide many emotions. Through treatment he began to realize a lot of things. He knew he was an addict/alcoholic but had no idea how to peel himself back like an onion so to speak. So he felt for the first time too!!! He took the tools you taught him, and has incorporated them into his life. He attends both N.A. and A.A. meetings, goes to therapy, and has a new group of friends. He has a lot of things to through although he does this with a new found way. He talks different, behaves different, and today I see the man emerging from ?the shell? he once merely existed in.
Thank you all!! This is his journey, his foot work, I have faith in my lord and Savior Jesus Christ who has kept me off meth since 1995! All because I was told through a meeting of N.A. you never have to use again. I sincerely thank you, each and every one who interacted with my son in WhiteSands you gave him the tools and he used the tools. God has made him whole and today he has over 2 and a half months clean, thats a miracle in the eyes of an addict. God bless you!

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