As we continue to monitor very closely the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19), WhiteSands has put several precautions in place to ensure the safety of both our patients, and staff.

  • All staff and patients are having expedited comprehensive blood testing by our private lab. With the advantage of owning our own lab, we can expedite testing and respond rapidly to any potential symptoms or illness. We are testing for Coronavirus indicators, which would also indicate the potential likelihood of other illnesses, so that we can provide the best treatment possible.
  • Every employee’s vitals are taken, including temperature, prior to them starting their workday, and if they have a fever or any other symptoms of the flu or Coronavirus, they will not enter the community and will be sent home for further testing.
  • As a part of our existing treatment protocols, every patient has their vitals taken several times a day to ensure they are safe and comfortable during their treatment. In the event that we do have a patient that exhibits symptoms, our professional healthcare staff will assess and assist the patient in obtaining appropriate Coronavirus testing through a qualified laboratory. During this process, the patient will be able to enjoy a very comfortable quarantine area under observation from qualified medical personnel until their test results are returned. Our quarantine area contains private queen sized beds, private bathroom and TV, as well as in room meal service. In the unlikely event a patient experiences severe or serious complications, we would transfer them to a local hospital for appropriate treatment.
  • Also, we are taking significant precautions when it comes to disinfecting and maintaining our facility to combat the virus during this time. Our professionally trained maintenance and housekeeping staff will be working a rotating 24-hour shift, cleaning every guest room on a 4-hour schedule, and also cleaning all doorknobs, public areas, railings, etc.

All of us at WhiteSands will continue to monitor this closely and take all precautions to ensure your family and loved ones are in the safest place during this time. We feel confident that with these protocols and precautions in place, WhiteSands in Plant City Florida would be considered one of the safer places to be during this period of time.