The Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abusers have a pattern of drinking that ends up damaging the individual’s health, as well as interpersonal relationships, and even the ability to work. There’s a difference between alcohol abuse and alcoholism: alcoholism entails a physical dependency on alcohol. Alcohol abusers lose control of their drinking or cannot stop drinking when they do start, which results in harm to their health and interpersonal relationships. Alcohol abuse can also spiral into full-blown alcoholism, if the addict doesn’t get help. Alcoholism can develop for a variety of reasons: genetic predisposition, the stress of life and work, a break up, or it can emerge from the gradual intake of alcohol as one develops a higher tolerance. Read this blog to learn about the signs of alcohol abuse.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

  • Alleviating stress with alcohol. Using alcohol as a way to reduce your stress can evolve into a physical dependency on alcohol, because it’s a sedative drug that you can build up a tolerance for.
  • The neglect of personal responsibilities. If your work duties, duties at home or at school suffer because of drinking. This may include falling behind on your work load or missing class, due to drinking or a hang over.
  • Legal Issues. You have been arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct, fighting, or for DUI.
  • Problems with relationships. Your drinking has caused fights between family and friends. Marital strain caused by your drinking can produce problems with your spouse.
  • Drinking in precarious situations. You drive while drinking or mix other drugs with alcohol.


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