Tampa Drug Treatment Center Staff

At Tampa Drug Treatment Center, our staff is not only well-trained, experienced, and professional medical specialists, but they are also dedicated, compassionate, and caring individuals that are committed towards your recovery. Many of our staff understand the impact of addiction from personal experience, as they are either addicts themselves or have been affected by addiction through family members or friends suffering from addiction.

We maintain the creed that everyone deserves the life that they’ve always wanted and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We know that everyone has the ability to change for the better, and in order to achieve success in recovery, many changes are necessary.

Our core beliefs are built upon a respectful and accepting environment that is not only beautiful, relaxing, and paradisal by view, but one that provides a safe and secure place for addicts to recover. We want the individual to feel heard, understood, cared for, and unjudged – something that we’re sure that these people have never felt during their life in active addiction.

We Understand. We Care. We Know What We’re Doing

We employ a variety of staff members, all of which are well-trained addiction specialists that care about your recovery. Between our medical doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, addiction counselors, and executive directors, our staff is available 24/7 to aid in every aspect of the recovery stages.

Board-certified Medical Doctors: Our medical doctors are in charge of the detox process, in which they help to ease the discomfort of dangerous, painful, and extremely dreadful withdrawal symptoms. By assessing and monitoring the individuals during the detox process, the doctors can also administer the necessary medications to help ease the discomfort further.

Psychiatrists and Masters Level Therapists: Our psychologists and psychiatrists are incredibly caring and understanding people that are here to help you or your loved one with any and all underlying psychological issues relating to past traumas, social or behavioral disorders, and/or inability to develop coping mechanisms. When an individual can foster trust in our staff, then they will be able to be honest with themselves, thus helping them to achieve true recovery. Self-honesty and awareness is key, and our psychologists and psychiatrists are here to listen, assess, and provide the tools necessary to achieve sobriety and the pursuit of happiness.

Licensed Addiction Counselors: Our team of addiction specialists and counselors are here to teach new coping skills and practice healthy habits to substitute their past ones. They provide the individual with the knowledge and tools that it takes to create individualized ways to deal with real-life situations without the use of drugs or alcohol.

We understand (and know from experience) that getting clean and sober is actually the easiest part of the recovery process. It’s actually the ‘living’ part that’s difficult! Learning how to live life without drugs and alcohol is quite difficult unless the addict learns how to cope correctly, since it seems that most addicts feel as if they can only cope with life under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We have the tools to help these individuals cope with life in a healthy way, thus aiding in their overall recovery and level of contentment.


About the Author

Dr. Mann currently serves as Medical Director of the WhiteSands Treatment Centers and he has held that position since July 2017. Dr. Mann is responsible for the medical needs and detoxification of patients at WhiteSands. Prior to joining White Sands, Dr. Mann has worked in addiction treatment facilities throughout Florida. He has served as an Adjunct Clinical Post-Doctoral Associate in the Addiction Medicine Division at the University of Florida, where he enjoyed teaching medical students and medical school graduates during their residency training.