Careers in Tampa Drug Treatment Center

Our staff is dedicated towards the recovery of you and your loved one. We work every day to make a difference that helps addicts to not only overcome their addictions but to live the life that they’ve always wanted. If you are interested in helping people to achieve their dreams and make a real difference that affects their lives in a positive light, then join our team.

With the many alternative therapies, treatment programs, and homeopathic practices that we offer, we know that success is possible. Our success rates alone reflect accurately upon that statement. By creating a safe, secure place for addicts to feel heard and understood, we are helping the addict to optimize their chances of a long-lasting recovery.

WhiteSands Treatment Center is always looking for those that are passionate about helping addicts to recover in all capacities. Whether it’s through overcoming their drug and alcohol addiction, or treating their underlying psychological disorders, our staff is committed in every aspect of the word. We never give up on these people, so we want others to join us with this same level of dedication.

We appreciate your interest in our mission to motivate, inspire, and heal. By completing an application or visiting our employment opportunities page, you’re taking the first step towards becoming a valued member of our team. One of our Human Resources Coordinators will assist you upon the completion of your application.