Medication Policy WhiteSands Treatment Center

During your stay at WhiteSands Treatment Center we will be performing a complete medical diagnostic at which time your medication needs will be addressed. In light of this we ask that you bring medications that you are currently taking so that we can evaluate your medications.

All medications must be in the original bottles clearly stating the patients name only. Other required information to be present on the pharmacy issued label are the names of the medication, the milligrams, the prescribed daily dosage, the name of the prescribing doctor and the number and location of the pharmacy. If the medications are on a controlled substance list produced by the F.D.A., those medications will be confiscated and destroyed and will not be returned to the patient.

Nutritional, herbal or dietary supplements or vitamins, as well as over the counter medications of any kind are not allowed at the White Sands Treatment Center, any such needed medications can be issued by our on-site pharmacy.

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