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Why WhiteSands Treatment Center?

Our unique approach to drug and alcohol treatment is highly personalized to each individual. We believe that there is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to finding the right drug treatment center.

From Day 1 at WhiteSands Treatment, our focus has been to deliver superior clinical and medical care, a relaxing resort-style enviroment which fosters recovery, and a highly qualified staff which genuinely cares about helping patients get back to leading healthy, productive lives that are free from substance abuse.

~CEO, Garry Jonas

Welcome to WhiteSands Drug Addiction Treatment Center Fort Myers

WhiteSands Treatment Center offers high-quality, compassionate addiction treatment at our drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility located in beautiful Fort Myers, Florida. When you walk through our doors, you will be greeted by our warm, welcoming staff of addiction specialists who are dedicated towards your recovery. We want you to feel safe and secure in knowing that you’ve made the right decision in seeking treatment at our state-of-the-art facility.

Our unique approach to drug and alcohol treatment is highly personalized to each individual. We believe that there is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to finding the right drug treatment center. Each person participating in our recovery programs will benefit from our intake interview, which allows us to make a more personal connection and enables us to place them in the treatment program that best suits their unique needs.

Our team of board-certified doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, and counselors, specializing in treating substance addiction and other co-occurring disorders, share your goal of achieving life-long sobriety. Our calm, peaceful and relaxing environment allows you to enjoy and focus on your recovery. We help our patients to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle free from substance abuse. Our facility and compassionate recovery team have allowed us to become one of the best rehab centers in Florida. If you or a loved one needs the help of drug addiction treatment centers to get sober, contact WhiteSands Treatment now. We can help you find hope, healing, and long-term sobriety. Call 877-855-3470 today!

WhiteSands Fort Myers Location


Our Fort Myers facility is a campus-style resort property containing nine four-bedroom custom-built houses.  The nine houses are connected by cobblestone walking paths that are intersected by gazebos, streams, fountains, and picturesque landscaping.

Each house has a large living room with couches and a flat-screen TV.  Every house has its own therapist office and group meeting room.  All the houses have a spacious lanai porch for outdoor relaxation and sun.  There are two pools among the nine homes.

There are also three community buildings on site that house the dining hall and snack cafe, spa, gym, and medical offices.


  • Chiropractor to address pain and mobility issues
  • Massage therapy to relieve stress and promote relaxation
  • Yoga classes to aid in relaxation and physical well-being
  • Biofeedback treatment to help cope with anxiety and stress
  • Haircuts for men
  • Salon services including hair styling and nails for women
  • Well-equipped work out gym
  • Basketball court
  • Barbeque cook-outs
  • Off-site activities including trips to local beaches, parks, nature areas, bowling, and movie theaters

What to expect

Our All Inclusive Program Includes

Accommodations and Recreational Amenities

  • 9 custom 4-bedroom homes surrounded by palm trees and soothing water fountains
  • Widescreen TV in every living room
  • Three catered meals daily, dietary meal requests, and a 24-hour café
  • All rooms have comfortable, twin-sized beds
  • Wheelchair compliant throughout much of the center
  • Family visits every Sunday after 3 weeks of treatment
  • Daily phone access to common areas of the facility
  • Accessible internet after therapist approval
  • Basketball
  • Off-site beach and park
  • Picnic table areas
  • Spacious outdoor sitting and lounging areas
  • 2 large swimming pools on site


  • Medical Detox
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Family Therapy
  • Inpatient Rehab
  • Residential Rehab
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Alternative Therapy
  • Specialized Programs
  • Intervention
  • And More
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About Our Drug & Alcohol Rehab Facility

Located in beautiful Fort Myers, Florida, our facility boasts a calm and serene environment. With the guidance of addiction specialists at WhiteSands Treatment, patients can return to living normal, content lives that are free of substance abuse. We live up to the highest standards of what it means to be a reputable facility for substance abuse addiction and never compromise on ethical standards, innovative treatment plans, and research-based treatment.

We will diligently work with each patient in order to motivate them by positive reinforcement, promoting a powerful skill-set and teaching trigger management so that patients will have a less-likely chance of future relapse.

Why Choose WhiteSands Drug Addiction Treatment, Fort Myers?

With a personalized approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment, patients will feel at ease when they enter rehabilitation at WhiteSands Treatment Fort Myers. The mission of our treatment center is to provide help, guidance, support, and top-notch treatment for those who are struggling with addiction. We want patients to obtain sustained sobriety so that they can live productive, healthy, and enjoyable lives and we will do everything we can to help them achieve this.

Through focusing on healing on both an emotional and physical level, patients will have the chance to overcome their addiction through proven, specialized recovery programs.


We only accept out of network insurance plans at our drug rehab in Florida and our professional admissions staff works
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Our Individualized Addiction Treatment Programs

Unlike other drug addiction treatment centers, we believe that that addiction requires a comprehensive and personalized approach to recovery. Addiction is a complex disease and each client's personal history, physical symptoms, and psychological health factors into their unique addiction treatment plan. At WhiteSands, we aim to be the most personalized Florida rehab center with an emphasis on whole body and mind healing. We provide the tools needed for long-term, lasting sobriety.