Qualified Staff at White Sands Treatment Center

Our trained staff of professionals at WhiteSands Treatment have spent the last 20 years exclusively treating those that suffer from alcohol and drug addiction, as well as accompanying psychiatric disorders. Our specialists are led by an administrative executive team that focuses on the care and well-being of the patients we serve. They are committed to a passionate and professional multidisciplinary approach to team medical and therapeutic care of our patients.

The insight and vision from our founders make freedom from addiction an obtainable goal. Through a team care approach, addicts are able to pursue a life free from the constraints and self-destructive effects of the disease. We carry out their commitment by aiding those who seek to change their lives and pursue a sober life of recovery.

Our staff is deeply committed to our mission statement and provides each individual with the best possible licensed and professional care to help them medically, emotionally and physically recover from the progressive disease of addiction. Our core beliefs are built upon a respectful and accepting environment that supplies a safe and secure place for patients to recover. Uncompromising dedication provides a way for addicts to recover their loss of dignity and regain their true selves once again. Therefore, they are able to become contributing members of their households, families, and communities once again.

WhiteSands Treatment employs a combination of the following staff members:

Board-certified Medical Doctors: Our general medical practitioners are on site daily to aid in the process of detoxification. Withdrawals have the potential to be extremely unpleasant, but the care provided by these medical professionals can ease this process. Our Doctors also offer complete care and supervision in the assessment and evaluation of each individual patient. This medical perspective is not only valuable during detoxification, but also when assessing the unique health history of each client.

Psychiatrists: Our psychiatrists are at the core of the medical treatment team; they perform a comprehensive evaluation of the mental health of every patient that is admitted to WhiteSands Treatment. We know that without the proper diagnosis and attention to any underlying disorders, the patient’s chances for long-term recovery are unsteady at best. Due to this, our psychiatrists spend the necessary hours to fully assess and observe the patients mental health and demeanor, in order to recommend more specified symptoms that must be addressed.

Masters Level Therapists: Our licensed and certified psychological professionals are here to coordinate the emotional recovery and guide the patients back towards a positive overall emotional health. Our psychologists regularly meet with patients to help them discover the reasons behind their behaviors and aid them in making conscious choices for a better life. They are core team members in coordinating the multidisciplinary care our patients must receive.

Licensed Addiction Counselors: Our teams of licensed addiction counselors teach and guide our patients to practice more healthy choices in their lives after rehabilitation and maintain a daily sober living. These professionals are committed to empowering the addicted individuals and aid in helping them to uncover the practical knowledge necessary to arm themselves against past addictive triggers and behaviors that can lead to a relapse. Our counselors will meet with family members in an effort to foster mutual understanding and establishing boundaries that will permit and encourage a deeper communication style that is built on mutual respect.

Directors: Our Director Executives have led the way at WhiteSands Treatment from its inception. It is through their leadership and tireless commitment, that the best evidence-based addiction treatment has been uncovered. This team empowers the staff to change the lives of each individual patient at WhiteSands. Our Directors are pivotal in the design of the content and structure of our treatment programs. They are responsible for the present success of WhiteSands and the success in years to come.